Monday, January 23, 2012

No time for cameras

Life lately:
  • I really have the best friends. I think I usually say that after I've had a hard time and have felt their support but that's not the case this time. I am just loving my friends and having so much fun in life.
  • My room is a disaster. I had such high hopes at the beginning of the year for organization. Right now I'm sitting so that I can't see the floor. It makes me feel better. I've gotten rid of a bunch of old clothes lately though and that is oddly cathartic.
  • I have a new journaling system that makes my heart happy and I can actually keep up with it. 
  • My camera is broken and therefore my heart is broken too. Somehow the screen got smashed despite me keeping it in that protective case I accidentally stole from Rene Tate 6 years ago.
  • I am seeing some beauty in elitism (thank you LR) and yesterday joined several exclusive clubs. I am most excited for book club and breakfast club. Probably most excited about breakfast club because we're making shirts and I'm a fan of anything that involves shirts. Also this conversation happened:
      • R: We should start a super exclusive club. Just the two of us.
      • Me: What's the theme of our club?
      • R: It's about how we like each other.
      • Me: That's called a relationship Randy.
  • The last two weeks have started with a one am trip to the hospital cafe for foot long corn dogs and magic sodas. I hope this becomes a tradition. My new Cafe West favorite employee is Lydia who told me I could stand in front of the soda machine and try as many kinds of soda as I wanted.
  • I start ukulele lessons tomorrow. Super excited about that.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

We'll use our eyes instead

I think Liz Redd is one of the few people who will appreciate how happy I was to receive this birthday balloon.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sitting on top of the world

I will get this child to love me. Someday.