Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So much wasted in the afternoon, so much sacred in the month of June

A list of random things that seemed important in the moment but are of no real, long-lasting consequence.
  • Apparently there was a lawsuit against some major cosmetic companies and thanks to the miraculous power of text messaging I was able to score $100 worth of beauty products for free.
  • I have a new mission to teach the girls I work with what good music is. I actually feel pretty passionate about this! They love screamo and Brittany Spears. This is not acceptable.
  • NEWS FLASH: As I was sitting here typing this suddenly a spider fell from who-knows-where (I would say heaven but we all know there are no spiders there). I, however, was able to maintain my composure while I grabbed a tissue and killed the beast. So, for those who are playing along at home, in the continuing saga of Jodi vs. The Insects the score is now Jodi - 2 and Insects - 1.
  • Someone nabbed my favorite pareo today during/after dance practice. How am I supposed to dance without it?
  • I love shrimp.
I think that about covers it. I've uploaded a ton of pictures to post but ran out of steam as far as writing was concerned. Soon. Since I know everyone is waiting. Ha ha.

Monday, January 19, 2009

How can I be pleased when I'm handed the keys to a town call Misery

I wish that I could stay in bed today. I don't know if my body can survive another day.

My legs are sore from the first Luau practice of the year on Saturday. Calves, thighs, hips. 2 hours of hula can be brutal.

Then on Sunday I slipped on the ice. I didn't fall but somehow a spastic gyration of my arm pulled a muscle in my shoulder. That's right, I don't even need to fall down on the ice to injure myself. The pain from that makes me almost forget about my legs. Almost.

So, I wish I could stay in bed today. My right arm is my only fully functioning appendage and I can't afford to lose that too.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's hard to change the way you lose if you think you've never won.

  • I made these on Tuesday.
  • With my pal Melissa Lindsey.
  • Without her I could not have finished.
  • This is not a picture of the cupcakes I made.
  • Those were gone too fast.
  • Plus, I don't have a camera.
  • They were darn tasty though.
  • Too bad the recipe only made 12.
  • I shared some with my co-workers.
  • They now love me.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I locked you out, you cut a hole in the wall...

I was looking at old, random pictures on my cell phone today and decided that while I wait for actual pictures, I would share these gems with you. They're mostly old, mostly random, sometimes low quality and all taken by my aging cell phone. Enjoy.

When my sister is bored in the car sometimes I use my phone to entertain her. Sometimes the results are surprising. Be thankful I'm sparing you from the picture of her nostril.

Denver airport. Creepiest mannequin ever. Look at that arm graft!

Once upon a road trip to San Fransisco I saw this t-shirt.

Ah, I loved these old men. During the '07 football season I sat behind these guys, obviously brothers, one game. EVERY first down they would stand and cheer in sync. Then they would each high-five the other two. Precious.

I, Fanda, went bowling with my friend, Flynn, and we both bowled the best games of our lives. Mine happened to be a 132 while his was 225. It was a very close game, obviously.

A student made my lunch before we went on a long day. I might have been the only intern but at least she remembered that I like Doritos.

Took this mainly for Erica, but was pleased to see that not only did this person have good taste, they were also from Colorado. Although saying someone from Colorado has good taste is slightly redundant.

The girls at my internship decorated stockings. Most of them used puffy paint to declare their love for Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers while our resident artist used puff balls to make a pretty awesome monster.

I went to the Festival of Trees, where theme decorated trees are sold for charity, with some friends. This one was my favorite. The entire tree was constructed of shotgun shells. You can click on it to see the picture larger.

This was the tree that sold for the highest price. I think it was sold for somewhere near $30,000. It was made of blown glass. The glass was really pretty but as a whole I didn't think the tree was that wonderful.

During a trip to Wal-Mart I tried to teach my sister how to play Guitar Hero. Despite what her face says she caught on pretty quickly. My mom offered to buy me an Xbox plus the whole Guitar Hero World Tour set up until I told her how much it would all cost. Love ya Mom!

My old job involved risky situations like this. More than once.

This one's a throwback to the days of late night longboarding and foot-long corndogs at the hospital. The days of the Sniders.

I ruled out the possibility of being a professional BMX rider. That helmet was heavy and made me feel a little claustrophobic.

This is where I spent the night at the airport. Southwest Airlines has some pretty sweet chairs. I still couldn't sleep but I was comfortably uncomfortable.

Sometimes I fall asleep at outdoor performances. Sorry Melissa Lindsey!

Sometimes Melissa T. falls asleep at parties.

Oh the haunting of the creepy chicken. This chicken wouldn't leave my internship supervisor's car alone. It also seemed to think it was a horse.

Sometimes I accidentally dye my hair really red for a day. Five gold stars to whomever can guess where this picture was taken.

Costco with Steve Jones. Steve loves a good massage chair. He's too relaxed to give the full double thumbs up.

Emily and I had a good time trying to pronounce the names of the dishes at this sketchy Chinese buffet.

The end. Don't think that there's not more where that came from.

Friday, January 9, 2009

There's so many fake crips on the street these days a real crip ain't got a chance...

Today I "ran errands" with my pal Melissa Lindsey and ended up purchasing:
I thought it was an interesting assortment of items.

More blogging is coming, I just need to steal some pictures. This broken camera thing is killing me!