Thursday, March 27, 2008

You know me and Bertier’s mama…

Tonight's distraction? Remember the Titans. I can't NOT watch.

Seriously every time it's on TV I get sucked in.

I cannot even begin to imagine the number of times I've seen this movie.

I cry every time Gerry gets in the accident.

Tonight I cried just knowing it was coming.

I don't cry easily.

At least not about football.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I hate the phone but I wish you'd call...

I'm still working on patience. Patience and I are not good friends. I'm constantly "learning" to be patient. I think part of the problem is a lack of positive reinforcement. Like that one time I quasi-dated that one guy from November through about June. (It sounds almost as terrible as it was.) I kept thinking that it was a lesson in patience and if I was patient things would work out. Needless to say, things did not work out in the least and there was no pay off for me being patient. So, I'm taking a deep breath and moving ahead.

To fill the time and lessen the difficulty of being patient tonight Heather and I went to the lu'au at BYU. Last year I was in the lu'au and I didn't realize how much I missed it. I thought the costumes and choreography were better this year plus since they had it in the Marriott Center they could do more with the staging. Last year I danced in the Tahiti section so I was especially watching for that this time. Here's a wee little video:

Are you kidding me? They push the guys over and dance standing on top of them? That's way better than what we did last time. We didn't even get to dance with the guys!

At the end the fire dancers came out. This video is of the first guy. I didn't start recording fast enough and what you missed is that when he came out only one end of his stick was lit and he lit the other end with his mouth.

Feath and I give the performance two thumbs way up.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

I've been a little bad at blogging lately. Maybe you could guess that I've been a little "distracted". You would be right. I've also been working a lot, and working hard. There's been so much going on and unless I have a visual reminder to do something I tend to forget. Last night I had a mini/internal freak out that I wasn't going to make my goal of seeing at least one concert a month for this month. So I looked up what concerts are left for the month. Basically there's only one I want to see and it's on the 31st. Whew! I'll be going to see these guys:

I'm loving me some Vampire Weekend. Let me know if you want to go!

Oh and PS - I learned how to make ringtones for my phone. My new text noise is Jim saying "Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica." It's way better than a boring old beeping noise.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Peepster!

You might want to check this out: Peep Dioramas

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just tie the rope…

Wow. You know it's time to go to bed when you find yourself shaking the computer while muttering "what does that mean!?"

I've found myself entrenched in moments of extreme girly-ness lately. And by girly-ness I mean self doubt. Maybe it is unfair of me to call that girly. I have an uncanny ability to find the one thing that has gone wrong and focus solely on that one thing. Sometimes it's not even something that has gone wrong per se, but something that's not ideal or something I'm just being impatient and unreasonable about. Whatever it is I believe that the one thing that isn't quite right outweighs all of the things that are right. Usually I catch myself rather quickly and am able to realize that when given the option of many mental paths I could choose to travel down I have taken the one that is most dramatic. Once I catch myself I return to being as rational as possible. Surely I am not the only one who does this.

I have assembled, or rather I've been blessed with, a team of friends that tells me when I'm being stupid. When I was having a moment the other day the friend I happened to be talking to said "he's just being a boy, you're just being a girl, and it's okay." While not extremely profound this was an incredibly appropriate statement and it turned on the appropriate light bulb upstairs. Another friend just says "are you kidding me, _________!" and she proceeds to set me straight. I don't know how to appropriately communicate to these friends how important their words of wisdom are to me. Left to my own devices, without them, I don't want to imagine what disasters I would cause myself.

So now, with less shaking I will resume looking at the computer and still want to know "what does that mean?!" But this time I'm going to take it a little less personally.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tick tock, you're not a clock, you're a time bomb baby...

Randoms thoughts. Once again I'm too brain dead on a Friday to write a full blown post.

  • I know my love of ironing is not normal but I figure it is a pro on the pro/con list that a man will someday make in deciding to marry me. I need all the help in the pro column that I can get. And yes, to those that asked, I'll totally do yours.
  • I was going to blog about a boy/boys yesterday and now I'm pretty glad I didn't. It would have been melodramatic and whiny and that's not what I'm all about. Plus now a certain boy and I are attending a basketball game on Saturday night.
  • NERD ALERT. Today is Pi Day, as in 3.14... I recommend celebrating with your favorite pie, that's what I'll be doing.
  • After going to open mic night on Wednesday, Andrea and I spotted a photobooth next door. Sadly it was out of order but we did find some cool art by this guy.
  • Did I mention the fabulous coconut chicken I had the other day? I kidnapped the chef and forced her to tell me how to make it. She did. It's easy. Okay, maybe I just kindly asked. Come over, I'll make you dinner AND iron your clothes.
  • I'm so ready to close out this week. It's been a little rough in places, like the time I locked my keys in my car when I was in The Middle of Nowhere and the time I tripped and fell hardcore and the time put my laundry in and forgot to actually start it until an hour and a half later.
  • It keeps snowing on and off, I'm not impressed.
  • Really? No one liked Mike the Headless Chicken? Come on people, he lived for 18 months without a head!
  • I just saw my old boss and was reminded what a blessing it was to get to know her and work for her.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'll be the eggs if you'll be my bacon, please just tell me you aren't taken

I was double tagged!

From Holli:

The rules are as follows:
1. The player lists 6 relatively unknown facts/habits about themselves.
2. At the end of the post, the player tags 6 people and posts their names, and then goes to their blog and leaves them a comment, letting them know they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog for the rules.

1. I love to iron. My iron is usually set up because I iron almost everyday. I just think clothes look better when they're not wrinkly. When I lived in the dorms my freshman year my friends would come look for me in the laundry room if they couldn't find me and when I moved out of the dorms and into an apartment the first thing I bought was a good iron. When I worked at the dry cleaners if I was done with my job I would go help the shirt press girls. There's just something so satisfying about a crisp shirt. I really do love to iron.

2. I was supposed to be taller. As I grew up the Dr. always told me I would be at least 5'9" and I believed her since I was always so much taller than everyone else. I was that girl in the back row of the class photo who was taller than all the boys. For some reason I hit 5'7" and just stopped. I'm a little disappointed, I won't lie.

3. I have been skiing only once in my life. When I was probably 9 my mom and I went with some friends. I went to class in the morning and made a friend. We got on the lift together, got scared to get off where we were supposed to and ended up going higher up the mountain than we could handle. The ski resort people sent a snowmobile to get us. I eventually went down again only to get scared of falling (I was tall! I had a long way to fall!) and sat on my skis a

4. I had extra teeth. Maybe it was just one. I don't remember but when the oral surgeon went to remove 3 of my wisdom teeth he found a tiny extra tooth or two.

5. I will shave my head if I ever have a good reason. If I get cancer the hair is gone! If you get cancer and need some moral head-shaving support give me a call.

6. When my dad got really sick he retired and my mom went back to work. My dad stayed home with me but some times it was harder for him to get up and out of bed early. I was only 3 but he taught me to program the VCR to record Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers. This video brings back stong memories.

From Heather:

5 years ago I was... a senior in High School, getting antsy about my college acceptance letter, participating in my first and last musical, leaving machine shop early to go to Sonic, trying to soak up my last few months at home and in the process of catching mono.

5 months ago I was...
working a ton and loving it, putting off classes, thinking about my Halloween costume, enjoying watching the Office with friends and seeing Newsies for the very first time.

5 things that worry me...
finding a job I love after I graduate, getting stuck in a rut, disappointing myself, the health and happiness of my family, $$$$.

5 bad habits...skipping 8am class, spending more money than I should, eating a cookie whenever I see one, staying up late just doing nothing, and procrastinating important things

5 of my favorite places I've lived...
Canon City, S-Hall of DT, Old Mill, S&K's house (where I live now), Riverside Condos

5 of my greatest blessings...
the gospel, my Mom, my friends, my job, humor.

5 things in my virtual shopping bag...this, this, this, this, and these.

5 of my favorite things to blog about...
friends, concerts, food, random funny things, and cool finds.

5 people I tag...Well, I was supposed to tag 6 people for the first one and 5 people for the second one but I'm just not going to do it. I'm going to tag Marie, Heather, Nadine, Mallory and Holli to do one, or both, and you if you would like to do it as well.

Friday, March 7, 2008


After a conversation with a friend I was researching facts to support my claim that Colorado is the best state ever. I never suspected I would come across this lovely fact:
"In Fruita, the town folk celebrate 'Mike the Headless Chicken Day'. Seems that a farmer named L.A. Olsen cut off Mike's head on September 10, 1945 in anticipation of a chicken dinner - and Mike lived for another 18 months without a head."
At this moment you're probably feeling skeptical. I was too until I googled it. Behold Mike the Headless Chicken!

I'm not making this up!

There are also some Headless Chicken jokes:

Why did the chicken have to take "Anger Management Classes"?
He kept losing his head.

Why did the chicken ask for a raise?
Just to get a-head.
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I love life.


Help! Help! I'm being repressed! Did you see him repressing me?

I have triumphed over evil.

Normally I'm a huge fan of all things Apple.

However after my old computer died (RIP) and the hard drive recovery yielded no music; I realized that all my old music was stuck on my iPod. Hooking it up to the new computer would erase over all the old stuff. I also had new stuff I needed to incorporate. This was not a good situation.

Last night I fixed this problem. I figured out how to (without using additional software) access the songs on my iPod and transfer them to my hard drive. I felt a little like I was sticking it to the man.

If you need instructions, let me know. If you have an iPod filled with lovely music please come over. We'll have a party.


PS. Points for knowing where the title is from. I'm looking at you Marie.

Monday, March 3, 2008

I know how to spell graduation!

Once upon a time I used to go out for sushi all the time, usually with Hilary. (Do you think that if I talk about Hilary enough she'll start her own blog?) We haven't been out for sushi in a long time but this was remedied on Friday night at Sushi Ya!

(I wish!)

The best thing about Sushi Ya! is Ajax. Despite the picture, he's not so serious, he's actually hilarious. The first time we went, right after Sushi Ya! opened, Ajax was our sushi chef. That night we were talking to him and he told us he had been married two days before. On Friday when we went I asked him how his wife was doing and he said she was good, and that she had a baby on Wednesday. Even though we hadn't been there in several months he remembered us, where we sat and what we talked about. Friday he made us "special" rolls that weren't on the menu and when I went to take a picture of his Caterpillar creation he insisted that I take the picture with him in it.

Oh, and the title of my post comes from Ajax too. He was asking what I was studying and then we moved on to talking about graduation and he asked me to spell "it." So I start spelling g-r-a-d... and he stops me and says he knows how to spell graduation but he wanted to know how to spell recreation.

It's always good to laugh the calories off right as you consume them.