Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tick tock, you're not a clock, you're a time bomb baby...

Randoms thoughts. Once again I'm too brain dead on a Friday to write a full blown post.

  • I know my love of ironing is not normal but I figure it is a pro on the pro/con list that a man will someday make in deciding to marry me. I need all the help in the pro column that I can get. And yes, to those that asked, I'll totally do yours.
  • I was going to blog about a boy/boys yesterday and now I'm pretty glad I didn't. It would have been melodramatic and whiny and that's not what I'm all about. Plus now a certain boy and I are attending a basketball game on Saturday night.
  • NERD ALERT. Today is Pi Day, as in 3.14... I recommend celebrating with your favorite pie, that's what I'll be doing.
  • After going to open mic night on Wednesday, Andrea and I spotted a photobooth next door. Sadly it was out of order but we did find some cool art by this guy.
  • Did I mention the fabulous coconut chicken I had the other day? I kidnapped the chef and forced her to tell me how to make it. She did. It's easy. Okay, maybe I just kindly asked. Come over, I'll make you dinner AND iron your clothes.
  • I'm so ready to close out this week. It's been a little rough in places, like the time I locked my keys in my car when I was in The Middle of Nowhere and the time I tripped and fell hardcore and the time put my laundry in and forgot to actually start it until an hour and a half later.
  • It keeps snowing on and off, I'm not impressed.
  • Really? No one liked Mike the Headless Chicken? Come on people, he lived for 18 months without a head!
  • I just saw my old boss and was reminded what a blessing it was to get to know her and work for her.

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  1. why aren't you online!? and why don't you live next door?