Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"I touched Colbie!"

So, last night was finally the John Mayer concert of AMAZINGNESS that I've been waiting for since the last one in 2004. I'll get to that. First you should probably know that I touched Colbie Caillat. She opened for John and was pretty good. Not "oh-my-gosh-I-need-that-album-ASAP" good, but still good. During John's encore some girl came up and was talking to some people in the row in front of us. I kept looking at her and thinking, gosh, she looks like Colbie. About the same time Stew, Christian and I realized (if you just realize what I just realized...ha ha) that it was her. I took a picture to show you that it really was her:

Then I realized you probably wouldn't believe me just from that picture and I noticed her pass:

I waited until she was finishing up with the little girls in front of us and I gently touched her arm and said "can we get a picture?" She gave me a crusty and kind of said "hang on." We waited a second but Stew didn't want to let her get away and asked her again if we could get a picture and she agreed to "just one!" (Gee thanks, it's not like the crowd was swarming you since we were pretty much the only people who seemed to recognize you Colbie...) Stew held out his camera, I tried to shove my forehead up in range and we were done. Check out my forehead and Melissa in the background making sure she got in the shot:

So, that's that. I quasi met Colbie Caillat.

Here's Colbie singing her song "Realize". If you don't feel like watching the whole thing at least check out the 50 second mark and especially the 2:40 mark.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Lucky to have been where I have been

Dear Future Husband (whoever and wherever you are),

When I am sad or stressed or feeling some emotion you don't know how to deal with, perhaps you should suggest I get a pedicure. It may not be the absolute best answer but I've yet to find a better one.

Your Future Wife

ALSO (this is to everyone, not just the future Mr.):

Apparently that last post was awkward for everyone. And that is okay. I thought about deleting it but decided against it. In case you were wondering, I am making the right decision for me. For now. I'm leaving that awkward post up as a reminder to trust myself and let that be good enough.


The Dark Knight is an incredible movie. And not just because I love Christian Bale. Seriously, my only complaint about the movie was not enough Christian. I don't know how they could have fixed that though, short of putting up a little picture of him in the corner of the screen. Which I would be okay with. I agree with everything that was said in this review.


If you're in the Provo area this weekend don't forget about Llama fest. It's sure to be the event of the summer.

3 days until John Mayer rocks my life!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Honesty blogging

Sometimes I like to check in with myself to see how I'm doing, see if I'm making the right decisions. I think this is healthy, at least to an extent. Excessively worrying about if I'm making the right decision sounds terrible but I would also hate to wake up one day and realize that if I had just stopped to think for a moment I wouldn't be so far down a path that I actually hate and shouldn't be on.

Tonight I had a check in with myself moment. I literally thought "am I making the right decision?" My gut says yes. Well, I think so. I know for sure my gut is not saying no. Sometimes though I slip into the "what if" mindset and think "what if I'm making a horrible mistake?"

I hate that. I hate that sometimes self doubt sneaks in and so quickly makes me rethink pretty much everything in my life. I am not an incredibly patient person. I'm trying to be patient but I hate knowing that for some questions I can only wait and see. My life right now is full of so many options, so many choices. In some ways this is really exciting but in other ways I know that by making one choice I'm essentially choosing not to do certain things. Sometimes that choice is reversible but so often it's a permanent choice and that scares me a tiny bit.

Wow. This might be really random but this is what I'm thinking at 2:26 AM.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The itsy bitsy spider...

On Saturday I killed a spider.


I felt something tickle my knee and grabbed it through my pants to see what it was. I was outside and thought maybe a pine needle or something had sneaked (snuck?) into my pants. When I grabbed it, I smooshed it but I still didn't know what it was. As I pulled my pant leg up, I some how managed to remove the not-so-itsy-bitsy spider without freaking out.

Nobody/nothing gets in my pants without my permission.

Monday, July 14, 2008

You're welcome!

(Side Note: I had a co-worker who always told the customers "You welcome!" and it drove me absolutely nuts. Even thinking about it now bugs me.)

Sometimes when I'm having a not-so-good day I like to look at pictures from days that have been pretty good. Sometimes I come across this one and I laugh so hard every time:

It's especially funny if you knew that my sister, at 4, was generally a very sweet little girl. I knew how to push her buttons though and did so this time just by taking her picture. That's not posed, it was real, genuine anger. I love it.

To be fair to her, even though she probably has no idea what a blog is, I present the following picture from the same time period:

I had a Korean roommate once who told me "Oh! Jodi! Your sister is so much more beautiful than you!" I wasn't the least bit offended because I agree! I would also like to point out that while I sometimes liked to push her buttons, I was also the cool big sister who colored on the floor of my room with my too beautiful little sister.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Ridiculously excited...

2 weeks from this very moment I'll be at the John Mayer concert. I couldn't be more excited.

We (aka Hilary) joined the fan club so that we could pre-order tickets and if you're a member of the fan club you could have the lovely opportunity to buy one of these:

I'm a total nerd. It's ok. It helps if you understand that I thought I wasn't going to get my shirt. It was originally supposed to ship in May but got delayed to the beginning of June. Well, June came and went and no shirt. I finally called the company, they gave me a tracking number and told me it had been delivered on the 10th. I didn't have it and the post office said they didn't have it. I called the post office several times at the end of last week with no results but then what do you know! I got my shirt today. Pesky post office people.

The shirt is true though, check this out. This is where we are sitting:

Oh, you wanted to see a little closer?

We're basically going to be on the stage. It's gonna be pretty awesome.

More updates to come, the shirt just got me a little excited.