Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hi Mom!

I told my mom that I have a blog. Apparently I didn't tell her before.

People, I absolutely love my mother. Some of you are privileged enough to know her. Some of you aren't. Yet. She's the best mother anyone could ask for. Need some evidence? See the following:

I might get in trouble for posting these pictures on the internet. Remember Mom: I love you!

Say hello everyone!

Friday, September 19, 2008


At the first football game of the season Beef and I realized that we had gone to a game together the year before which meant that we've been friends for more than a year. (Are we smart or what?) One of us jokingly suggested that we celebrate our anniversary and so we did! In honor of being "beefs" for a year we decided to eat some beef and went to Outback. Our entire meal ended up being comped because it was apparently slow. We were having too much fun to notice! Happy Anniversary Beef!

*Also, I need add some better "funny" faces to my repertoire.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Internship update...

2 weeks in and I can't say enough good things about my internship. I'm learning so much and I know absolutely that I was supposed to end up there. That actually creeps me out a little bit but it's all good. Here's some update info in bullet style so that it hopefully makes some sense:

  • I've been through 2 treatment team meetings now and I'm starting to understand each girl and her needs. It's been cool to hear about the progress they've made since coming to MLA and I can't wait until I can see the progress they will have made since I started.
  • My first day on my own went way better than I could have imagined. I really thought they would try and push me and that I would have to work hard to earn their respect. Oddly, they were pretty much angels. I'm not complaining, just really shocked. Maybe I'm just the best RT intern ever. ;)
  • I had my first blow up from one of the girls. It was kind of shocking and it didn't come from who I expected it would have but even then I could kind of see it coming. I was lucky that my adviser was just around the corner and came to back me up. She told me I hadn't done anything wrong and I was relieved since I had started to question myself a little.
  • We're going camping for a few days during this upcoming week, maybe even as you read this! I'm nervous about how it will go. I think the girls are starting to feel more comfortable around me and that could equal some interesting times.
  • One day we had watched The Wizard of Oz and the girls were supposed to pick a character that they identified with. After the movie we went around and talked about who was what character and why. The girls got to tell me who they thought I was and they said I was Glenda the Good Witch because I am "super nice" and "fluffy." I'm not sure what the fluffy comment meant but I wonder if they would still say the same things now.
  • My adviser is amazing. She's an incredible Rec Therapist but she's an even better teacher. She's always explaining what she's doing and why and giving me pointers. She's full of experience and I think that even at the end of the 4 months I'll probably not have learned everything she has to teach.
  • The internship has been so good thus far but that doesn't mean it hasn't been challenging. There's so much going on. I want to get everything I can from this experience and I've been working really hard to always be fully aware and actually learning. Every night I go to bed absolutely exhausted. It doesn't really help that I'm still trying to work on top of doing my internship. (Shh... don't tell BYU...)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

BYU Football!

I really do love the fall and that fact that it brings football games. I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon. (Okay, well maybe, but that's not really possible right now...) I opted not to buy an All-Sports pass this year but rather work the tailgate parties for tickets. Here's a recap of the first two games.

BYU vs. Northern Iowa

This game was fun, we had good seats that were directly in the rays of the angry sun. I would call it a pretty easy win that was celebrated with pizza. Mmm.

It was so hot. I thought we would die.

Some action.

This picture makes the sky look deceivingly cloudy, don't be mistaken, it was St. George style hot. (Beef: "...there came a cloud...") This isn't the final score, we won 41-17, I just didn't take a picture of that.


This game was incredible and almost indescribable. I was thinking it would be a nail-biter but was happily wrong. There was almost every possible thing you could want from a football game; touchdowns, field goals, interceptions, turnovers, and blocked field goals. The only thing we missed out on was a safety.

Oh, just meeting Curtis Brown, BYU's all time leading rusher.

The Beef and I.

Un-action-y action shot. The action was too exciting to remember to take a picture.

There's Cecil!

He's so happy and friendly. We all love Cecil.

Final score, 59-0. Unbelievable.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Yearbook yourself

We were a little bored at work one day so I encouraged (forced) everyone to go to Yearbook Yourself and pick their favorites to share. These were mine:

Seriously, which would you choose?

PS I've been playing around with the photo editing software that came with my scanner at work and I think I'm finally getting it!

When sky blue gets dark enough...

Hooray! Our firewall at home has been acting up by blocking blogger and typepad. I also haven't been at my desk job for several days and I've been craving some blog time. (Nerd alert!)

So here are some random things from me:

  • Today was day 2 of my internship. So far I absolutely love it. It's definitely a challenge but I know that doing my internship there was the absolute right decision. Today we were reading over the Intern Contract and as my advisor read the part that says "halfway through your internship you will lead tasks on your own" she interrupts herself and says "oh, by the way, I'm going to be gone Friday and Monday..." Ah! Someone else is taking care of Monday but I get to plan for Friday which happens to be about 4 hours long. I'm nervous, the girls are going to try and test me especially with my advisor gone. It will be interesting! Tomorrow is Treatment Team for 5 hours (where pretty much the whole staff gets together to discuss each client). I'm excited to learn more about each of the girls and I'm hoping that will help me plan for Friday.
  • While driving back and forth over the last few days I've been listening to my "Purchased" playlist on my iPod. It's been really funny to see what songs were complete impulse buys. Going through the list reminded me of some very specific times and I had a good laugh to myself about them.
  • I learned a riff from Nirvana's Come as You Are on my ukulele. Hooray for being able to play something recognizable to someone other than myself!
  • Lunch was at Magleby's Fresh and came with a famous Magleby's roll. I realized that it's been over a year since I've had one. It was even more delicious than I remembered.
  • I need new jeans. They are my least favorite thing to shop for and from what I understand most people agree with me. Why don't jeans fit at least one body type?
  • I'm so happy church is at 9 again. Sunday I came home from church, messed around for a while, watched a movie, had a friend over for a big family dinner, played cards, wrote in my journal while watching another movie, and then went back to Provo where I hung out and played games with some friends. Sundays with church at 1 pretty much meant going to church, eating dinner, seeing friends and going to bed. Viva 9am!
  • Tonight I got a tiny ray of hope right at the moment I needed one. This probably makes no sense to any of you but I was pretty happy about it.

So that's pretty much it. Super random but I'm just happy to be here again. More to come!