Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Keepin' On...

Remember my goal for 2008? I'm still going, I've just been bad at blogging about it.

I kind of had a freak out moment in March when a week before the end of the month I realized that I hadn't been to a concert and I didn't have one planned. I checked to see what was playing and was pleasantly surprised to see that Vampire Weekend was coming. I really only knew one song but they came highly recommended by my friend Andrea. I called her up, we bought some tickets and went!

Andrea and I

The opening band. Yacht I think. They were bad. Like really bad I thought. Sorry if I offend your musical taste.

Andrea agreed with me.

The keyboardist and the lead guitarist were both really cute.

Andrea and I made some friends, Jonathan, Mindy and Logan. I have no clue who that girl in the front is.

Vampire Weekend pretty much rocked it out. I loved it. I've heard them on some TV shows and such since the concert and I'm pretty happy about it. Here's a video of them live, please excuse my dancing, the quality of this video is not so great but I don't care because, hello, I was dancing.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I heart graffiti

(Click HERE if you would like a link to the original photographs and photographers)

Monday, May 5, 2008

The weekend recap

Have you ever had a weekend that would be considered completely amazing if not marred by one thing? Yep. So check it out...

Friday night we watched the Jazz pull off a pretty sweet victory and then watched Moulin Rouge which is a favorite I haven't seen in a while. I decided I too need a projector in my life because basketball (and other things) are even better when they take up a whole wall. Also, I was accosted by a friend, who I will never call old again, wielding a pillow. She apparently hit my face so hard it bled. Which is actually hilarious to me. We checked the pillow out later and found nothing that you would think could cause such damage.
This is a few days after the "incident." I swear I'm not trying to be dramatic. Just think about it, a pillow did this to me. Or Melissa. But I think she prefers to blame the pillow.

Saturday was sleeping in, a fast and really random trip to my new favorite burger place, Fats Grill, in Salt Lake. (Please don't think I've just tossed out In-N-Out, I decided I have different categories of burgers.) If you're in Salt Lake I definitely suggest trying it out. Plus if you go during lunch and buy food you can play pool for free. I recommend the Blue Cheese Bacon Burger and my compadre said the Pastrami Burger was really good. Also, the fries that come with it have just enough cayenne pepper on them to make your lips tingle. Mmm. Anyway, Saturday continued with a manicure, some guitar hero, and then Iron Man. While I really liked it, my friend Austin reviewed it here and is better at reviewing movies than I am.

On our way to the movie. Some how I got shafted and stuck in the backseat.
Me and my permanently damaged face in the backseat. Yes, I realize you can't really see it in this picture but pretend with me.

Sunday I gave up my sleeping in to see my awesome friend Mallory who was in town for a quick visit. She brought the hubster and the mini man and it was really good to see them all. I love seeing my friends happy in their lives after we've kind of spread over a few hundred miles and years. Mal's mom made us cinnamon and orange rolls and her mini man played us some tunes on the baby baby grand.

So did her not so mini man.

These girls mean so much to me, I can't believe we're so far apart now!

Sunday continued with church, a lovely dinner of chicken Parmesan cooked by someone other than me, a hilarious game night with friends and I rounded it off with a chat in the car, which I love.

I really couldn't have asked for a better weekend except for that one little thing I mentioned. Someone close to me told me they're moving away for the summer, possibly longer. I wasn't really ready to hear that but it's going to be okay. (I know this all seems very vague and that's intentional. If you want the details call me or shoot me an email.)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I blog in protest.

Hello. Remember me? It feels like forever since I blogged.

The end of the semester tends to warp time a little bit.

I just typed up a big explanation of why I've been gone but it was long and boring. In summary, instead of being stretched between Friday and Wednesday all of my finals were done Saturday at 1 PM. Because I was done early I had a week between winter semester and spring term. Because I was done early (aka sleep deprivation and cramming) I spent my week between classes sick. Woo hoo, that ruined my fun plans! I still haven't been sleeping much and I'm not really getting completely healthy but I've been having fun!

Wanna hear a funny story? I locked my keys in my car again. Go me! This time I really really didn't mean to, they fell out of my bag as I was getting out of the car and I didn't even know. I was trying to leave work, walked out to my car and started looking for my keys. Nowhere to be found. I went back inside to security and asked if they had any keys turned in or a slim jim. We worked for over an hour with a slim jim and a coat hanger and a door wedge but were unsuccessful. During this awesome hour of my life it was supremely windy and my skirt decided to party along with my hair. Also awesome? I was parked right where everyone leaving work saw us struggling. Oh good times.

Right now I am in class. Tuesday/Thursday from 6-8:50. Gross, no? We're talking about economics and supply and demand. I should be home watching The Office. I blog in protest.