Thursday, May 1, 2008

I blog in protest.

Hello. Remember me? It feels like forever since I blogged.

The end of the semester tends to warp time a little bit.

I just typed up a big explanation of why I've been gone but it was long and boring. In summary, instead of being stretched between Friday and Wednesday all of my finals were done Saturday at 1 PM. Because I was done early I had a week between winter semester and spring term. Because I was done early (aka sleep deprivation and cramming) I spent my week between classes sick. Woo hoo, that ruined my fun plans! I still haven't been sleeping much and I'm not really getting completely healthy but I've been having fun!

Wanna hear a funny story? I locked my keys in my car again. Go me! This time I really really didn't mean to, they fell out of my bag as I was getting out of the car and I didn't even know. I was trying to leave work, walked out to my car and started looking for my keys. Nowhere to be found. I went back inside to security and asked if they had any keys turned in or a slim jim. We worked for over an hour with a slim jim and a coat hanger and a door wedge but were unsuccessful. During this awesome hour of my life it was supremely windy and my skirt decided to party along with my hair. Also awesome? I was parked right where everyone leaving work saw us struggling. Oh good times.

Right now I am in class. Tuesday/Thursday from 6-8:50. Gross, no? We're talking about economics and supply and demand. I should be home watching The Office. I blog in protest.


  1. Hooray for Jodi blogging! I've been anxiously awaiting your next post. I love the pics of the attempted break-in. It's a great story.

  2. SERIOUSLY! You were my never fail blogger and I have been deprived. Does anyone intentionally lock their keys in the car? I'm just sayin' Also I have no idea what your skirt and hair were doing but they were doing it together:D PS I just send you the survey thing we did at work and they all made me laugh and miss my friends. PS there has been g3 jam at my desk the last couple of hours and for some reason that just became rediulously funny to me! I hope you are enjoying the JAZZ game right now.

  3. What a pain (the keys in the car thing)!
    One time I locked my roommate's car while it was running. That was not very fun either.

  4. yes you SHOULD have been home watching the office and i'm disappointed that you scheduled a class during that wonderful half hour of the week. it's ok, at least you can watch them online. sorry about your car! hasn't that hpapened twice in the past few months?? so sad!

  5. I always have to watch the office online because of Grey's Anatomy. So I know how it is. It is funny no matter where you watch it though.

  6. Hey Jodi..I got your blog off Holli's so I thought I'd take a gander. I can verify that your skirt was definitely wanting to party it up with your hair. Had it been me, it probably would have flown up to my head. :) I locked my keys in my car in Park City..spare key, in my purse. Needless to say, I now have TWO spare keys.