Friday, April 11, 2008

Lend me your ears…

On my last post, the one about the earrings, my dear friend Mallory commented: "I'd go for the pink ones. They'll bring out your ears...haha just kidding. They're the cutest." Mal, I know you were joking but my ears could possibly use a little help and this reminded me of a story.

I was 12 (or possibly 11) when my family and I were visiting my great-grandparents Tilden and Evelyn in Denver. I'm pretty sure it was the last summer that both my step-brother and-step sister came to stay for the whole summer. At least once a month we would go to Denver and visit while eating a large, old-fashioned meal. Tilden and Evelyn literally lived right next to Water World and in the summer months we would spend the day there. Anyway, on one particular visit great-grandma Evelyn was talking to my step-sister and I when she told my sister that she had such attractive ears and because of this she would find a wonderful husband. She didn't comment on my ears. I hadn't known Evelyn for very long because she was on the step side of the family and I didn't know if she was slightly crazy (she was) but I knew that when she said it then that she was serious and she meant it. I remember feeling sad because I thought my ears were just as deserving of a wonderful husband.

Seriously, my ears don't stick out but at the same time they aren't pressed against my head. They aren't incredibly large, oddly small, floppy, droopy, pointy or deformed in any other way. However, my sister is married and her husband does seem like a pretty stellar guy while I find myself rather un-married. Perhaps if the pink earrings would bring out my ears they aren't such a bad idea.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Only one hole in each ear...

I recently discovered Armelle Jewelry and I find myself in a pickle! I must own at least one pair of these earrings but I can't own all four. What's your favorite?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

HOLI: Festival of Colors

Recently I went to the Hari Krishna temple in Spanish Fork for the Holi Festival of Colors. I have been hesitant to blog about the Festival of Colors for two reasons, I'm unsure that I can adequately describe it and also I don't want to in anyway accidentally disrespect the Krishnas. If you would like to read about what this festival means to the Krishnas please click here. Instead of me telling you everything I'm just going to show some videos and a few pictures.

The festival is supposed to be a symbol of the warmth of spring banishing winter. The celebration includes burning a demon at the stake, food, traditional dancing and singing, a band and the throwing of colored chalk dust.

This video is after most of the colors have been thrown but you still get to see some puffs of color go out. This video also shows the song they "sing." That's the only song they sing.

This video is just us being silly. My friend Randy was trying to clean off my camera.

Three shampoos and a long shower later I was back to clean.

Maybe the funniest part of the whole thing? Our banishment of winter must not have worked because the next morning we woke up to 3+ inches of snow.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What cha gonna do when they come for you?

In my opinion the campus newspaper isn't the greatest. I do however, love to check it out for the Police Beat. This was in today's report.
March 26: The mother of a student called the police when she suspected that her daughter's roommate stole her butter knife. The mother later called to drop the charges.
Yep. I love where I go to school at least for the entertainment it supplies.