Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Keepin' On...

Remember my goal for 2008? I'm still going, I've just been bad at blogging about it.

I kind of had a freak out moment in March when a week before the end of the month I realized that I hadn't been to a concert and I didn't have one planned. I checked to see what was playing and was pleasantly surprised to see that Vampire Weekend was coming. I really only knew one song but they came highly recommended by my friend Andrea. I called her up, we bought some tickets and went!

Andrea and I

The opening band. Yacht I think. They were bad. Like really bad I thought. Sorry if I offend your musical taste.

Andrea agreed with me.

The keyboardist and the lead guitarist were both really cute.

Andrea and I made some friends, Jonathan, Mindy and Logan. I have no clue who that girl in the front is.

Vampire Weekend pretty much rocked it out. I loved it. I've heard them on some TV shows and such since the concert and I'm pretty happy about it. Here's a video of them live, please excuse my dancing, the quality of this video is not so great but I don't care because, hello, I was dancing.


  1. i think 2008 was supposed to be my year of the something, but i don't remember what.

  2. if this show was in slc in march then i think you are videoing the back of my head. thanks for coming out of hiding and commenting on the bloggy.

  3. I love that there's this total poser in the front of the pic who you don't even know! That totally had me roaring!!!