Friday, February 29, 2008

2008, the Year of...

I have a new goal for myself.

You should probably know I had a old goal.

I wanted to set some "resolutions" for 2008 but kinda never got around to it. I wasn't too sad about that though because I'm always making new goals for myself in my head. Anyway, my goal was to make 2008 the Year of the Party. I have a list of fun stuff I want to do but so far, in 2 months, I've only had one party. My birthday party. So last night I was thinking I might want to change my plans a little. I think 2008 should be the Year of the Concerts. A minimum of one concert a month. This also helps me achieve one of the random goals I've set for myself in my mind. (A messy, scary place.) So far so good! January was Eric Hutchinson/One Republic. February (as of last night) was Ingrid Michaelson and Joshua Radin. (Alexa Wilkinson opened for them and was pretty good as well.)

I'm thinking this will be a great and actually achievable goal. I've got some ideas for March and April will be Jimmy Eat World. I'm excited. I think it will be fun to look back on this year and think of all the concerts I've gone to. My favorite part of going to concerts is falling in love with new artists. I didn't really know One Republic besides one song on the radio, I'd never heard of Eric Hutchinson, I downloaded Joshua Radin the night before the concert in preparation and someone gave me Ingrid last week BUT now I love them all. Seeing them live made them all so much better for me.

SO... If you know of a concert I should go to OR if you want to go to a concert LET ME KNOW! I am in no way going to limit myself to one a month. I would go to one a week if I could!

AND NOW... A recap of last night:

Alexa Wilkinson - She was good, not too stunning to me but still good. She sang three songs. I don't remember them. I felt sad for her because it took most of the crowd two songs to realize she wasn't Ingrid.

Ingrid Michaelson - She was awesome! In a perfect world she and I would already be best friends because I think she's wickedly funny and really beautiful. She sang quite well and I loved her actual songs but I will say my favorite moments were when she sang Creep by Radiohead on the ukulele and when we had a sing-a-long to a slowed down, piano version of the theme song to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

I took a video of her singing Creep but YouTube hates me and says my video is too high quality for their standards so here's someone else's video:

(If you're demanding and want to see exactly what I saw, I uploaded it to Facebook.)

Joshua Radin - Also awesome. We did feel kinda sad for him because he seemed a little depressed and kept talking about break ups. Whatever produces his beautiful music though, eh?
I also took a video of him and it's just barely too big. If anyone would like to purchase me some video editing software we could remedy these problems.

He was attractive so I took lots of pictures.

All in all a good night with good company. Worth the drive and worth more than we paid.


  1. i had really big goal plans for 2008 as well that have fallen flat. as in oh crap it's march and i never got around to setting them.

  2. your pictures turned out so good! ( i need to figure out how to use my camera) also, i will help you accomplish your goals any time you want.

  3. Hey you got some good pictures of Josh, better than mine. I agree that he is attractive but was quite a downer onstage. I was laughing about it too, I wondered if he was trying to give the impression that he is a super-sensitive guy, or if he really is just depressed. Anyway, Ingrid was the total highlight of the show for me and I've had her songs in my head since then. I'm glad I already knew her stuff, it was even more fun to hear them live. Loved her!

    P.S. Thanks for the flickr message and the link to your blog :)