Monday, March 3, 2008

I know how to spell graduation!

Once upon a time I used to go out for sushi all the time, usually with Hilary. (Do you think that if I talk about Hilary enough she'll start her own blog?) We haven't been out for sushi in a long time but this was remedied on Friday night at Sushi Ya!

(I wish!)

The best thing about Sushi Ya! is Ajax. Despite the picture, he's not so serious, he's actually hilarious. The first time we went, right after Sushi Ya! opened, Ajax was our sushi chef. That night we were talking to him and he told us he had been married two days before. On Friday when we went I asked him how his wife was doing and he said she was good, and that she had a baby on Wednesday. Even though we hadn't been there in several months he remembered us, where we sat and what we talked about. Friday he made us "special" rolls that weren't on the menu and when I went to take a picture of his Caterpillar creation he insisted that I take the picture with him in it.

Oh, and the title of my post comes from Ajax too. He was asking what I was studying and then we moved on to talking about graduation and he asked me to spell "it." So I start spelling g-r-a-d... and he stops me and says he knows how to spell graduation but he wanted to know how to spell recreation.

It's always good to laugh the calories off right as you consume them.


  1. HAHA. oh my gosh can i come next time? i love that guy! he made my first sushi experience SO memorable. i love how everytime you see him something monumental has just happened to him the day before and yet he's just at work like it's any other day.

  2. Jodi you lead a much more interesting life than me, therefore my blog would be entirly too dull for anyone to read!