Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Internship update...

2 weeks in and I can't say enough good things about my internship. I'm learning so much and I know absolutely that I was supposed to end up there. That actually creeps me out a little bit but it's all good. Here's some update info in bullet style so that it hopefully makes some sense:

  • I've been through 2 treatment team meetings now and I'm starting to understand each girl and her needs. It's been cool to hear about the progress they've made since coming to MLA and I can't wait until I can see the progress they will have made since I started.
  • My first day on my own went way better than I could have imagined. I really thought they would try and push me and that I would have to work hard to earn their respect. Oddly, they were pretty much angels. I'm not complaining, just really shocked. Maybe I'm just the best RT intern ever. ;)
  • I had my first blow up from one of the girls. It was kind of shocking and it didn't come from who I expected it would have but even then I could kind of see it coming. I was lucky that my adviser was just around the corner and came to back me up. She told me I hadn't done anything wrong and I was relieved since I had started to question myself a little.
  • We're going camping for a few days during this upcoming week, maybe even as you read this! I'm nervous about how it will go. I think the girls are starting to feel more comfortable around me and that could equal some interesting times.
  • One day we had watched The Wizard of Oz and the girls were supposed to pick a character that they identified with. After the movie we went around and talked about who was what character and why. The girls got to tell me who they thought I was and they said I was Glenda the Good Witch because I am "super nice" and "fluffy." I'm not sure what the fluffy comment meant but I wonder if they would still say the same things now.
  • My adviser is amazing. She's an incredible Rec Therapist but she's an even better teacher. She's always explaining what she's doing and why and giving me pointers. She's full of experience and I think that even at the end of the 4 months I'll probably not have learned everything she has to teach.
  • The internship has been so good thus far but that doesn't mean it hasn't been challenging. There's so much going on. I want to get everything I can from this experience and I've been working really hard to always be fully aware and actually learning. Every night I go to bed absolutely exhausted. It doesn't really help that I'm still trying to work on top of doing my internship. (Shh... don't tell BYU...)


  1. jodo--i am so happy and proud of you. i just picture those girls talking about you nonstop and being obsessed with you. and they should be! you are doing a fabulous job. i miss you!!

  2. Yay I am so glad everything is going well and even more glad that you are learning so much and really enjoying it. I know you are crazy busy but I hope you are still enjoying yourself. Many people miss you at work and I am often asked where you have gone. Miss you and happy ever thing is going wonderfully!
    PS I hope your camping trip goes well! Are you planning on going to Lagoon?