Sunday, September 14, 2008

BYU Football!

I really do love the fall and that fact that it brings football games. I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon. (Okay, well maybe, but that's not really possible right now...) I opted not to buy an All-Sports pass this year but rather work the tailgate parties for tickets. Here's a recap of the first two games.

BYU vs. Northern Iowa

This game was fun, we had good seats that were directly in the rays of the angry sun. I would call it a pretty easy win that was celebrated with pizza. Mmm.

It was so hot. I thought we would die.

Some action.

This picture makes the sky look deceivingly cloudy, don't be mistaken, it was St. George style hot. (Beef: "...there came a cloud...") This isn't the final score, we won 41-17, I just didn't take a picture of that.


This game was incredible and almost indescribable. I was thinking it would be a nail-biter but was happily wrong. There was almost every possible thing you could want from a football game; touchdowns, field goals, interceptions, turnovers, and blocked field goals. The only thing we missed out on was a safety.

Oh, just meeting Curtis Brown, BYU's all time leading rusher.

The Beef and I.

Un-action-y action shot. The action was too exciting to remember to take a picture.

There's Cecil!

He's so happy and friendly. We all love Cecil.

Final score, 59-0. Unbelievable.


  1. Hooray for the Beef Sandwich! Thanks for letting me tag along!