Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"I touched Colbie!"

So, last night was finally the John Mayer concert of AMAZINGNESS that I've been waiting for since the last one in 2004. I'll get to that. First you should probably know that I touched Colbie Caillat. She opened for John and was pretty good. Not "oh-my-gosh-I-need-that-album-ASAP" good, but still good. During John's encore some girl came up and was talking to some people in the row in front of us. I kept looking at her and thinking, gosh, she looks like Colbie. About the same time Stew, Christian and I realized (if you just realize what I just realized...ha ha) that it was her. I took a picture to show you that it really was her:

Then I realized you probably wouldn't believe me just from that picture and I noticed her pass:

I waited until she was finishing up with the little girls in front of us and I gently touched her arm and said "can we get a picture?" She gave me a crusty and kind of said "hang on." We waited a second but Stew didn't want to let her get away and asked her again if we could get a picture and she agreed to "just one!" (Gee thanks, it's not like the crowd was swarming you since we were pretty much the only people who seemed to recognize you Colbie...) Stew held out his camera, I tried to shove my forehead up in range and we were done. Check out my forehead and Melissa in the background making sure she got in the shot:

So, that's that. I quasi met Colbie Caillat.

Here's Colbie singing her song "Realize". If you don't feel like watching the whole thing at least check out the 50 second mark and especially the 2:40 mark.


  1. i really like that song. i'm impressed with your ability to not sing along! i like that she doesn't sound way different than the cd - obviously she's talented enough that they don't need to edit the crap out of her voice.

  2. fun video! i am with you on Colbie-- she has a few great songs but not the most amazing performer. However, that's awesome you met her! Too bad she's not nice. I'm glad you had fun at your concert, it looks like a blast. :)

  3. I am sitting here at work missing you and I just wanted to tell you that! Hope your visit is even better than you werer expecting. I would also like to point out that I could not be less interested in Colbie in this picture. I saw her when she first came, she kind of bumped me on her way in the isle, but I was concentration really hard on John (secretly willing him to love me with my mind, haha) plus I thought it was a little rude of her to come out and be disruptive during Johns encore (spelling?). I am greatly missing you and John ;)