Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm back!

Welcome home to me. After having spent 10 days with my family in the great state of Wisconsin I learned a few things:

  1. Although very tiny, the little sister is quite capable of taking up a whole queen sized bed.
  2. Tiny dogs aren't difficult to sleep with but they are difficult when they wake you up at 4 am because they've had enough of your room and would like to see another.
  3. I can take up the Wisconsin accent quite easily.
  4. Cheese belongs as a dish with every meal. Even, maybe especially, with breakfast.
  5. I love eating the things my father loved that are somewhat regional like peanut squares and raisin candies.
  6. Flip flop straps + tiny piece of dirt + lots of walking = OUCH. I have a blister, a spot that was rubbed raw and bruising on my foot. I'll spare you the picture.
  7. My grandma, at 91, can still crack me up.
  8. Mosquitoes can apparently bite through jeans. If you remember my policy of not allowing anything in my pants without permission (see here) I suffered a defeat this round. Score: Jodi - 1, Insects and undesirable objects - 1.
More to come including pictures of Holland Fest! The Wisconsin State Fair! and other exciting things!


  1. i'm so glad you're back! even though that really does not make a difference for us. I'm glad you had fun. i need to meet your grandma... yes, i'm sure about this. save some cheese.