Friday, August 8, 2008

The! Wisconsin! State! Fair!

Oh, The Wisconsin State Fair. Two words: Crazy/Huge.

Here's a brief, visual tour...

To keep parking only slightly insane there is a special bus just for fair-goers. Ours had this disturbing ad on the side:

There is an entire (huge!) building dedicated to cream puffs. Imagine as many cream puffs as you can, then triple that amount. They were delicious. And huge.

Thankfully there's a cable car that takes you from one end of the fair to the other. My sister was scared and wouldn't let go of the bar.

So I was really shocked when I was able to convince her to join me on this ride...

She's still at the age where she thinks I'm cool and will do crazy things to impress me. I looked at her mid ride and her face read pure terror but she was forcing a smile. I love her!

Then it was on to the chickens! Here we have the woolly mammoth chicken:

The Don King chicken:

The Don King wannabe chicken:
And one huge rooster, which also scared my sister.
There were many, many cows.
And tiny piglets just 12 hours old!
I was hoping for a better horticulture display but I liked this Ikebana.

Gotta love the Cheesehead hat.
There were tons of these all over and this was my favorite. I love Wall-E!

The funniest part of the day: we had just gotten off the bus as my aunt was telling us a story about how they locked their keys in the car at the fair last year. As we're walking to the car my aunt is struggling to find her keys but she had given my mom a spare set for some odd reason. We unlock the car and the automatic locks aren't working. Then we notice my aunt's set of keys still in the ignition. The car was dead dead dead and we had to call AAA. It was a good thing my mom had the spare key because the moment we had all climbed in through the front seat it started to pour!
Still waiting for the service man...
And that, my friends, is The Wisconsin State Fair.


  1. that looks like so much fun! i haven't been to the fair in years.

  2. Cheesetastic! It sounds like you guys had so much fun, even if your foot was wounded...

  3. Cheese and wolly mammoth chicken= best fair ever! This looks like a lot of fun!