Friday, August 8, 2008

Holland! Fest!

To celebrate our heritage we spent a few sunny hours enjoying the Holland Festival in Cedar Grove.

Please note the man in flaming pants with matching bandanna and the spelling of "appels."
When I think of Dutch people I certainly think of BMX bikes, don't you?
Wooden shoes...

My sister bought a pair. She plans on wearing them to school which should be interesting.

I won't lie, I almost bought a pair. How pointless would that have been? I bought a tiny pair instead.

Getting ready for the parade!
Children clean the streets before the parade can start.

The B├╝rgermeister (and his crier) walk up and down the parade route to declare the streets clean.
Children Klompen dance...
...and adults Klompen dance.
Bob the Builder is Dutch! Who knew?
Don't you wish you were Dutch too?


  1. your trip looks like a blast! the rides, the shoes, bob the builder. i'm disappointed you didn't buy wooden shoes for yourself, michelle will be the coolest girl in school this year.

  2. FUn! Yea we were there too. I love Demo Derbys. It was hilarious when the guy jumped out of the car. Then the fireman came running over only to have to turn around cause the fire was already out. He looked so sad. Wish I had seen you there!

  3. i'd probably buy a pair of wooden shoes too.

  4. I do kind of wish I was Dutch now

  5. I NEED some shoes like that. Yes, yes, I do.