Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Other random things in Wisconsin...

I promise this is the last post about the first trip to Wisconsin. That's right, there was a second, very different and last minute trip back less than a week later. But first here is some other awesomeness from Wisconsin.

This is totally MY street. I promise you it says my last name on there and it's spelled correctly. Which is rare if you know my name. I actually think one of my grandfather's siblings or cousins lived out here and named the road.
My aunt "accidentally" took a wrong turn and we ended up at the Oostburg Bakery, a little German bakery that we seem to find our way to every year.

I always get a peanut square, which was one of my dad's favorite treats. I want to find a good recipe and perfect the peanut square art.
Our "accidental" wrong turn also took us to meet this handsome gentleman. My sister wasn't so sure about him so my mom and my aunt demonstrated different poses she could try.

I had no problem getting close, I mean come on, check out those eyes!

Every year we head over to the Gibsville Cheese Factory and stock up on good, fresh Wisconsin cheese to take home. My mom generally fills a suitcase with requests from home. We always get weird looks from security.

Our trips usually include a bit of antiquing. This year we didn't find much to bring back but I thought my mom looked pretty awesome in this hat.
I think she agreed.
So that's it. I'm home from "the land of cheese and grandmas" you might say. I do miss grandma though, she's a pretty funny lady.
Oh, I almost forgot. After you get through security in the Milwaukee airport they conveniently provide a recombobulation area for you. Who knew you could recombobulate? The spell checker certainly didn't.


  1. what the heck is a recombobulation area?

  2. Oh the Consin ;) I love it and I love the picture of your mom leaning against the wall, it made me smile.