Monday, July 14, 2008

You're welcome!

(Side Note: I had a co-worker who always told the customers "You welcome!" and it drove me absolutely nuts. Even thinking about it now bugs me.)

Sometimes when I'm having a not-so-good day I like to look at pictures from days that have been pretty good. Sometimes I come across this one and I laugh so hard every time:

It's especially funny if you knew that my sister, at 4, was generally a very sweet little girl. I knew how to push her buttons though and did so this time just by taking her picture. That's not posed, it was real, genuine anger. I love it.

To be fair to her, even though she probably has no idea what a blog is, I present the following picture from the same time period:

I had a Korean roommate once who told me "Oh! Jodi! Your sister is so much more beautiful than you!" I wasn't the least bit offended because I agree! I would also like to point out that while I sometimes liked to push her buttons, I was also the cool big sister who colored on the floor of my room with my too beautiful little sister.


  1. jodo all i have to say is if mama T is right about your sister being more beautiful than you, that also means the book of mormon makes no sense because the seasons are out of order, and I am a great person but will never get far in life because i'm too dependent on men. michelle is very cute and so are you!! i almost forwarded an email i found from her of a "composition" about hats she wanted me to edit.