Saturday, January 5, 2008

Can I get some fries with that?

I am angry with the internet. Actually more accurately I am angry with my firewall and McDonalds. I really really wanted to blog and since my firewall blocks Google I could not. (Who blocks Google? It is the epicenter of everything wonderful on the internet.) I went to the McD's that's close to my house because they're supposed to have free wireless but they did not. Liars. (Yeah, I was going to blog from McD's, I'm classy like that.) Now I am stealing internet from a secret location. I hope this shows you (the people who do not read my blog but someday might) how dedicated I am to you.

Really this is all Heather's fault for getting me all excited to blog. We ate lunch at the amazing Pizzeria 712. I'm not kidding when I say I loved it. If you are in the Provo/Orem area (heck anywhere in Utah) I humbly recommend that you try it out. As an appetizer we tried the sweet potato soup with maple cream and pecans. I am making it my life mission to figure out how to make it now. I'll let you know how that goes. Then we shared two "personal" pizzas. Heather had the Speck and Soppressata and I had the house made sausage. There was some Panna Cotta involved for dessert too. Everything was wonderful and we even chatted with the owner/chef for a moment. Look how happy I was:
And look how delicious the pizza was:

Wow. That was lunch and I'm still full.


  1. i love your blog!! i hate internet problems SO bad Jod. I always sit there screaming at my computer, as if that will help. Let's make it a goal to go to pizzeria 712 often....meaning a lot....meaning whenever we (well I) have the money to. Ok here's the plan-- we will blog in class together so you won't have to worry about internet problems and I won't fall asleep from being bored.

  2. Thanks Feath! I totally agree about 712, I think we can do it cheaper in the future too. Hee hee.

  3. Great blog! I love your header. It looks great. welcome to the greatest addiction of your life. Well mine at least. That pizza looks so good. I would love to knock huckabee out. Did you see him on Leno. He used to weigh like 300 lbs. Oh Huck...