Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sad news for former S-Hall-ers

I drove by good old Desert Towers this morning and it looks like S Hall will be gone soon. My old room is where I drew the little red star. Check out R hall:
I feel a little sad, I can't lie. I always thought I could have DT to look at and say "well, at least I don't live in a shoebox anymore."

I took several pictures but after the first one I heard some yelling so I stopped and looked around and saw several construction workers waving at me. I waved back and they laughed. It was kind of odd.


  1. I want to cry! We should have forded our way through the game day crowds to get one last shot of all of us in front of our former residence. S Hall may be set for demolition, but its memories will always live in my heart.

  2. oh jod. So charismatic, even with construction workers. I'm sad for our building. i will always remember meeting you in S Hall.

  3. Oh sad, I didn't live in DT - I was in Heritage - but I spent many happy hours in those buildings my freshman year. :-)