Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Because I live in a Saturn down by the river...

My dear friends, I've decided today that when people ask where I live I'm going to just tell them I live in my car.

That's a more accurate answer than trying to explain that I spend a few hours sleeping at a house in Orem, a few hours in a tall tall building in downtown Provo, a few hours with adolescent girls in **************, a few hours with friends and what seems like more than a few hours in my car going back and forth between all of those places. Also, I'm pretty much ready to sleep in my car. I have a sleeping bag, a pillow and some food. Today I was laughing because I was wearing a pair of flats but in my backseat I have a pair of flip flops, a pair of heels and a pair of sneakers. All of which could have matched today's outfit, no joke. I also have a light jacket and a heavy jacket handy. Plus, if you remember when I showed you what was in my trunk, I still have a cooler, some weenie roaster sticks, a hard hat and a table and since then I've also added camping chairs, a set of horseshoes and some soda.

I realize that sounds like a big mess but honestly, it's (mostly) contained.

In other news... I still love fall! I'm sleeping with my window open which keeps my room the perfect temperature for sleeping. (Sorry to my friend who lives in a place that resembles a mix between Mars and well, you know...)

That's it for now! More to come when I have time to breathe!


  1. Wow Jodi. It sounds like you have a Mary Poppins magic carpet bag for a car! I can't believe you can fit all of that stuff and have it (mostly) contained! I am impressed!

  2. Thank you. Thank you for the mental image of Chris Farley... Seriously. I am laughing pretty hard to myself right now. I almost shot diet DP out my nose even.
    Also, amen to autumn! I don't care what the carol says, autumn it is the most wonderful time of the year!

  3. HAHA, you are a nomad ;)
    PS Marie Autumn is wonderful but it is no Christmas!!

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  5. Jodz, I think everyone comes to that point where they realize they are living in their car. I really didn't want to admit it, but I'm sure we all do it. Obviously, in your case, it's a little more extreme than others.

    And Amen to the Amen about Fall! I love this time of year! I miss Colorado fall, but I still love the weather right now!

    Also, I'd like to know what the comment said that you erased...hmm, interesting!