Monday, December 22, 2008


I'm a little sad right now. You see, several months ago I broke my camera. I wish I could say I was participating in some daring feat, like zip lining though the Costa Rican jungle, but I cannot. I was standing in a parking lot, actually making fun of Chuck by saying he might drop my camera, when I dropped it. This was the last picture my camera ever took, about 30 seconds before it's paralyzing fall:

(This picture makes me sad on a whole other level. Remember when it was fall time? And pretty? And there was no snow?)

I took my camera to a repair shop but when they told me it would probably cost over a hundred dollars to fix my pocket sized friend, I left. I thought I could fix it on my own.

Today I finally found a tiny screwdriver. I disassembled my camera. The cameraman was right, I can't fix it.

Now I have a dilemma and I need your help. My mom has not yet bought my Christmas present and is offering a camera for Christmas/my birthday. Or I can wait and get mine fixed. I loved my old camera, I took over 6,500 pictures with it in the 9 months I had it. I miss having a camera.



  1. This is quite the dilema! Do you have all of your pictures that you took on it stored or did the memory card make it through this incident okay? The next question is would your mother get the camera of your choice becuase I know you have a few specifics that you require. If the answer is yes to the first and yes to the second I vote you get a new one. SOme things are never the same even if they have been fixed. Miss you!

  2. PS If it had to go at least it went out with pride, that is an awsome picture!

  3. i'd go for the new one because technology changes so fast you know the new camera will probably be a better zoom, more megapixels, etc.

  4. I'm mainly concerned with your fascination with death, Jodi! Do we need to talk? I mean first, talkin' about love dying and not R.I.P. I'm very worried and really think you need a hug a whole helluva lot more than you need a camera! It would only fill a small void in your life. There must be more!

  5. I would get a new one. Life goes on. But I understand the sadness. It was a good friend to you. It will never truly be replaced.

  6. oh jodo! i did not know about this. you poor thing. i hate camera problems. you know, i would probably fix it! if you love it and it would still cost less than buying a new one then i would go for it. good luck!