Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Did you not tell them that they were the Lord's chips?

I'm a month and a half behind in posting this. But whatever. I don't really care.

The Nacho! Nacho! party was a raging success. Becky was here from California at the perfect time. Our shirts were awesome. Except for where I messed mine up with the iron. But we aren't talking about that. The Lord's chips tasted great. Basically, everyone came and brought a topping or drink and we partied!

There was also that moment where I made 70+ mini cupcakes with light blue frosting and red sprinkles to match the theme. They were very cute and very small. Then on the way to the party someone cut me off and I had to slam on the breaks which sent about 56 of the 70 cupcakes flying onto the floor of my car. But I don't really want to talk about that either. I was devastated.

Prepping the night before:

The hostesses:
The most perfect plate of nachos known to man:
Nacho himself came to the party:
I made this wicked pennant and that's the real reason I took this picture:
New friends (I don't really know that guy):

New friends eat the decorations:


  1. didn't you already post such things? I'm morally confused. Ok, I'm just confused.

  2. this is the best party idea ever. i'm so sad i couldn't be there. damn canada.