Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I guess I should have known by the way you parked your car sideways that it wouldn't last

Life has been pretty quiet lately and therefore I don't have much to report. I have seen some movies lately though.

  1. Coraline Meh. I saw this one for work and I wasn't that impressed. My coworker and I both needed some Dr. Pepper to stay awake. The girls kept saying it was a Tim Burton film and I wish it actually had been. One notable thing: There are 2 quirky old ladies in the movie and the girls at work decided that Liz and I were the two old ladies. I was happy that I was at least the blond, uh, well-endowed one.
  2. New In Town My hopes weren't super high for this one but it was more funny than it was cheesy. The Minnesota accents and phrases reminded me of my grandparents. It didn't hurt that Harry Conick Jr. + facial hair = good things. Renee also has some really great shoes.
  3. He's Just Not That Into You Also better than I thought it would be. Maybe I'm a movie pessimist. Maybe I don't like cliche chick flicks. Either way I liked it. On the movie website there's a funny video of the guys in the movie explaining and acting out the top 10 chick flick cliches not found in the movie. I never read the book but Melissa said the movie kinda misses the point of the book. So if you're a book purist then you might be disappointed.
That's all.


  1. Wonderful! Your reviews will help to see or not see any of those movies. :) I've been interested in all of them and now I know that I can wait until they come out on redbox.

    How do you come up with all of your clever titles for your posts??

  2. I loved Coraline! Then again, the author of the book is one of my favorites, and I loved the book. And it wasn't a Tim Burton movie, it was the guy who directed some Tim Burton movies...if that means anything. ;)

  3. I thought you might like to know that since your birthday, we've probably celebrated 10 other people's birthday's, but Carson still says "Happy Birthday Jodi" every time. He really must love you best.

  4. I was torn between supporting/hating He's Just Not That Into You so I am glad that you enjoyed it. I was trying to decide if New In Town was worth my efforts. Miss you!