Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm an assassin and I had a job to do...

If you've come here today looking for bird stories... YOU ARE A WINNER! I've got two.

Bird Story #1:

Sunday at work some girls were working on cleaning in the barn. I went out to check on them and decided to take a walk around the back side of the barn where I almost stepped on this:

Which made the parent birds freak out and fan their tails at me.

One of the girls put a stake in the ground so that no one runs over or walks on the eggs since they're so camouflaged.

Bird Story #2:

Not as pleasant.
And lucky for you, no pictures.

I was stopped at a light. Windows down. As the light changed and I started to drive I saw a flash of something falling right in front of me and then SPLAT. Dead bird right next to me. Out of nowhere.

Is that some sort of bad omen?

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  1. Bad omen, yes. "Nevermore!" haha I love that you are blogging every day. It gives me something to look forward to.