Thursday, May 21, 2009

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Another tale from work.

We're driving home and trying to fine a good radio station to listen to. We came across a station playing a Queen song. One girl wants to change the station.

Me: Aw, come on, this is classic!
Girl: Yeah, classic crap!
Me: Fine.

We continue to scan stations and find the same radio station being broadcast on a different frequency and still playing the same song.

Girl: Oh! Leave it here, this is a good song!
Me: Hysterical laughter.
Girl: What?
Me: This is the song you just called classic crap!
Girl. Uh...

Caught in another lie. Like the lie she told when she said she packed me dinner.


  1. That couldn't have been my not-so-mini me, could it? :)

  2. AHHAHAHAHAHAA. Wish I had been there to witness this. Hilarious