Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Definitely not a Nashville party

Outside my window is a temperature that is too cold. I am not quite ready for it to be this cold.

I am thinking I should probably be in bed already.

I am thankful for the keen sense of smell that saved me from drinking an expired beverage. Whew.

From the kitchen well... I made some brownies on Sunday but other than that I haven't spent much time in the kitchen lately.

I am wearing uhhh, let's just call them pajamas.

I am creating costumes! Mine for my party and also pieces for our shift's work costumes.I predict awesomeness.

I am going to crack the whip on my to do list tomorrow.

I am reading nothing at the moment. I just finished "Uglies", "Pretties" and "Specials" a series by Scott Westerfield. I felt a general sense of 'meh' as I read them so I won't likely be reading the 4th in the series.

I am hoping to throw a Halloween party to be remembered.

I am hearing some poor loser whine on Chopped on the Food Network and two of my roommates laughing. At least I'm not the only one awake.

Around the house projects, supplies and remains of party preparations.

One of my favorite things is that this season provides many opportunities to enjoy pumpkin in soups, bread, cookies, cheesecakes, ice creams and other sundry autumnal dishes.

A few plans for the rest of the week opening my media library to poor Reyna who is suffering from the dreaded H1N1, costume construction, apartment decoration, plenty of work and coaching time. No rest for the wicked.

(Reyna, this probably wasn't the most helpful post for your quarantine. Sorry. I'll try again.)


  1. I loved it. A little glimpse into your life. Let's make pumpkin stuffs when I get better. Bread, soup, muffins, etc. It will be good.

  2. You are the awesomest.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who had the "meh" reaction to the Uglies series, especially since practically everyone I know who has read them gave them RAVE reviews. I finished and then couldn't believe I'd wasted so much of my time.