Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hold on to that feeling...

Brain dump:

  • It is my constant goal to teach the girls I work with my favorite Journey song: Don't Stop Believing. It was to my utter delight that the least likely (in my mind) of girls said "I know this song!" after hearing only a few notes. Every off key note that she sang at the top of her lungs was quite possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. Once upon a time she and I made a "music video" of her singing some Hannah Montana song. If I could get a video of her singing Journey my life might be complete.
  • 15 days until I leave for Hawaii. Maybe I should start looking for a new swimming suit.
  • For a few months now my computer has refused to make sounds. As of yesterday my CD/DVD drive has also decided to refuse to work. If I had the money for it then a new computer would be in the mail already. I took my computer to a fix-it place. The man there told me I should have never bought an HP and good luck. Thanks dude, you're about 2 years too late for that warning.
  • I saw Ingrid Michaelson last weekend. She was amazing as expected but what was a pleasant surprise? Matthew Perryman Jones. I'm glad we got the CD. If only I could copy it for my friends.
  • For Liz:
"Liz is one of the best staff to talk to."
  • We are hosting a Halloween party at my apartment. On Halloween night. You are invited.
I would very much like to be the owner of this:(Available here)

  • I cannot decide what to be for Halloween. I'm torn between being a Greek goddess or being a fortune telling gypsy. Input?
  • I just proofread this post. It's not a good time for grammar and me to be friends apparently.


  1. Do you mind if I bring 13 of my closest girlfriends to your party?