Saturday, October 3, 2009

Strange things are happenin' to me, Ain't no doubt about it

This just happened:

Text from number I don't know: (Improper punctuation/grammar included) You seem to think its funny to mess with other peoples lives but this time you didnt get much someone that is willing to give up a good life for the likes of you is not worth much anyway. I think you did me a favor. Thank goodness your brothers realtionship was strong enough I guess mine and Dave was not.

Me: Excuse me? Who is this?

Unknown number: Not this time. I just hope you make today last 4 years. Thats what you cost us today thanks with friends like you he needs to watch his back all the time.

Me: Seriously. I think you've got the wrong number. Who is this?

Unknown number: I don't have the wrong number this is mae ask david.

Crazy right? Well then she calls me. I put the phone on speaker so Chala could witness the crazy. She asked me for Mike. I told her she had the wrong number. A few minutes she calls back apologizes very awkwardly.

For a minute I thought maybe I had forgotten about a few of the lives I have ruined.


  1. hahahaha....that is freaking funny!! hahahaha

  2. Awkward meets awesome! How insane!

  3. Or you forgot about that brother Mike that you had. Weird Jodi. Did she ever give you an explanation of what happened?

  4. Nope, no explanation. Just awkwardness. I think I prefer it that way.

  5. Wonderful!! This just made me happy, is that sad?