Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Once bitten and twice shy

I was messing around on Facebook today (shocker!) and found this list that was going around last year and I participated in. I was pretty impressed (depressed on a few) that everything was basically the same so I figured I might as well share.

25 Random Things.

1. I think that cheese is directly imported from heaven.
2. I recently convinced some of the girls I work with that I am Jewish. That was fine and funny until one of them said, “I respect you so much more now.”
3. I punctuate my text messages. Even if it just says “yes” I usually add a period.
4. I’m not the kind of girl that has her wedding all planned out. I just know it will be me + my best friend + a white dress at the temple. The rest doesn’t matter so much.
5. I love drinking soda. Dr. Pepper first, Coke second, but I really love any sort of drink that is not water. Why drink water when there are so many other things you could be drinking? This is also why I know I cannot drink alcohol.

6. My favorite person is probably my little sister. She’s amazing. Sometimes I call her just to absorb some of her awesomeness but most of the time she wants to get off the phone and do eleven-year old things.
7. Mark my words: I will own my own bakery one day! People keep saying to do it now but I really think that it would be the perfect thing to work on once all of my kids are in school. However, since I do not have any children yet, and it’s not looking like I’ll be working on having children anytime soon, the bakery timeline may change.
8. I love people. I think people are inherently good and that every person has something unique to contribute to life. It’s no surprise to me that I’ve chosen a career that will allow me to focus my time and energy on people.
9. My current job is extremely stressful but I can’t imagine doing anything else right now. I love my job. A large part of that love is my awesome coworkers. Thanks guys!
10. I moved to Utah essentially by myself. I knew no one in my dorm. I’m so very grateful for the friends I made, especially 4 wonderful girls that became and remain some of my very best friends. Even though we’re spread out I love knowing that I can call them anytime and I’m looking forward to the first of many girls weekends this summer.

11. When playing Rock Band/Guitar Hero there are a few songs that I just can’t stand to hear butchered.
12. I own a keyboard, a guitar and a ukulele (soon to be 2!). I could start my own band but I wouldn’t be able to actually play in the band.
13. I’m an only child, a middle child and the oldest child. It’s confusing.
14. I went to 17+ actual concerts in 2008. I love live music.
15. I love music in general. Lately I’ve mostly been into singer/songwriter music. John Mayer is my all time favorite.

16. Someone offered to burn me a John Mayer CD the other day and I had to laugh because I own more John than any person I’ve ever met. I even have his high school band.
17. I secretly want to be Polynesian. I love the culture, the dancing and the food.
18. New Zealand is the number one destination on my extensive list of places I would like to travel.
19. I love football and sometimes basketball.
20. I don’t think I could marry someone who didn’t at least like football but then again getting married is not really an issue currently in my life.

21. I love driving. Just last night I was in a funk so I put on some John Mayer and drove around.
22. As a very young child I told people that Johnny Carson was my friend.
23. I have no idea what my life would be like without the gospel and I don’t really care to find out.
24. I miss summer. Summer = bonfires, demolition derbies, car shows, sandals, BBQ, boating, outdoor movies/concerts, snow cones and road trips.
25. I’m on a quest to make the perfect sweet potato fries.

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  1. I am the master sweet potato fry maker. Just to let you know.