Monday, May 17, 2010

In this maze you can lose your way

Random thoughts collected:

  • Saturday I went from a tea party straight to a roller derby. Can you have a more radical change than that?
  • I now want to be in a roller derby. I'm working on figuring out my derby name.
  • If I'm wearing sweatpants around you it's because I like you. So, to everyone who came over to my apartment Sunday night, I like you.
  • I've had my favorite pair of sweats since my junior year of high school. That's a long time ago.
  • The warmer weather has done a sneaky thing to my laundry basket. I think because the clothing required is less bulky I thought the laundry didn't need to be done yet. My underwear drawer would disagree.
  • My friend Heather is going to Fiji very soon. Sounds like a fancy vacation right? It's not. She's going for the purpose of doing lots of service. Check out her Fiji blog here and maybe toss a few bucks her way.
  • My friend Dustin is writing an educational blog on How to Marry a Tool. He's verbose but also intelligent and hilarious. Check it out, I recommend starting at the beginning. (ML, here's something new for you to do at work.)
  • I need to get back in the mode of taking pictures. We do fun things around here I just don't happen to take pictures of them lately.
  • That's pretty much it.