Monday, August 16, 2010

Math, science, history, unraveling the mysteries

I returned from my yearly adventure in the great state of Wisconsin last night. The trip was fantastic and included camel riding, chocolate covered bacon eating, card playing, a little family history-ing, hairnet wearing and general family merriment-ing.

I did not eat any bratwursts however and this might mean the trip was incomplete.

It's possible I had a small breakdown at the airport when parting ways with my mom and sister. I'm not really ready to be back and involved in normal life. I just moved and my room is not quite a complete disaster but needs a whole lot of unpacking and organizing. When I walked into my room last night I found that my previous roommates had dropped off any unclaimed items in what little empty floor space I had before my trip. I had to move out a few days before them to go to Wisconsin and so they left everything in my room. 98% of those things were not mine and now I get to take them to DI and the Utah Food Bank.

I don't want to deal with people and their drama. Somehow that didn't just disappear while I was in the land of cheese.

This week at work could potentially destroy my will to live. Between today and next Sunday I'll clock at least 72 hours of working time and 48 of those will be spent on a camping trip I still need to prepare for.

At the pleading of my mother I've sort of taken this morning "off" and forced myself to have a relaxed/lazy day. This is harder than I thought it would be. Every so often I have an anxious moment where I realize how much there is to be done. It doesn't help that I'm sitting on my bed and can't help but see the mountains of things to be unpacked. But I'm trying. And by that I mean in a few minutes I'll shower and go into work early to help get some things ready for the camping trip. That counts as relaxing right? Right? Oh well.


  1. I had a conversation today that went like this:

    Me: What would you do if John Mayer came to your house and begged you to have sex?
    Talana: I would try to say no...? Maybe? I don't know! This is really hard!

    It made me think of you.

  2. I am coming to save you! An afternoon of pedicures and lunch will do the trick. I will force you to de-stress. Let me know when you're free between the dates of September 6-12. P.S. The new season of Glee starts soon!