Sunday, October 3, 2010

I cannot text you with a drink in my hand, eh?

Texts worth remembering:

  • Oh Miss Jodi. What have you gotten me into.
  • Logical. Motivational. Inspirational. I like it!
  • They give me awkward anxiety.
  • I was made to understand there were grilled cheese sandwiches here.
  • She hase a tummy ack.
  • I do have a tumy ack!
  • Kid in class today said, "men are anal(ly?) dependent on their mothers." Professor said, "gross."
  • I have become Scott's Jodi for the evening. I have a feeling I'm going to want to kill him by the end of the night.
  • You have just filled my soul with a strange combination of rage, envy, love and admiration.
  • Oh yes your mother does know how to text! You may think yo momma stupid but she not! (From my mother of course)
  • It's like the cereal Special K!
  • I see. So Gunther is then the obvious choice.
  • Word of the night: Insected. Meaning felt like an insect.
  • I just discovered a sleeping spell in ____'s stuff. She wrote it down.
  • So ______ says she is completely torn between Mormonism and being a Wicken. Three cheers for magic powers!
And, to conclude, a picture I sent myself from the work phone to my own phone of the two Emu's I had to herd back to their home using just my body:


  1. These are great. And thank you for not correcting the spelling mistakes or the grammar mistakes, especially from Prudy! Grande!

  2. The best one is the one from your mom. :)