Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ain't nobody who can comfort me

Upon handing her medications to her with my left hand one of my girls said: Where's your ring? Aren't you married?
Me: No...
She: I thought you were married! 
Me: No dear I am very, very single.
She: Well you should be married. I thought you were married! You look like someone who should be married!


  1. awe i am so sorry that might have been rough to hear! but u aint need a man to comfort you u got jimmer and ME and MLA friends and B Ruddd AJ Holly liz HJ i love you and i think ur a great person i miss u a ton and i hope to hear from you soon i love u jodikinz i couldnt have made i through MLA without you and i would feel as much happiness as ii do without you JOdikinz and my Rs wouldnt have gotten better without you i love so much and thanks for being there for me thick and thin and being someone i can go to!

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha. "Keek"'s comment is great too.

  3. Jodi. I miss you. I miss your blog. I miss eating seven layer bean dip at your mom's house. I miss playing cards with people I didn't overly enjoy 100% of the time at your mom's house. And BTW, still loving fall? Me too!!