Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We are never, ever getting back together

This one's for you Ashley

Moments ago* on my night stand: a water bottle, a bottle of coconut water, a thing of aloe vera juice, and cup leftover from Sonic and a half empty root beer bottle. Why am I not married? I've got many beverages to offer.

Also. Technology tried to ruin my life last night. "We went to a ward BBQ and promptly went home to stalk a variety of boys from the ward on Facebook. It's the natural order." (apparently Brittany was living a parallel life last night except she escaped disaster.) I decided to go through the second counselor's friend list since he's great at adding everyone as they move in. I shouldn't be admitting this publicly. Huh. But as I'm looking through his friends list I see that he is friends with a guy I dated a few years ago and am no longer Facebook friends with who is now happily married. So in curiosity I click on his picture. But I'm using my phone. And it says I have to tap to reload the page. In a slow motion moment of terror the page reloads as my thumb is descending and I happen to land on the "send friend request" button. And it sent. How do you explain that? I look like a creeper. And I guess that I was doing some Facebook stalking so I am somewhat of a creeper but I swear I'm not as creepy as I look to this former boy who would never evolve into a long term relationship. Sigh.
This is my triumphant return to blogging.

*And by moments ago I mean I'm going to go clean it up now.


  1. I'm really sorry for you. Like, really sorry.

  2. Triumphant, it is! That is a beautiful story. Sad, but beautiful. Beautifully sad. I hope, for you sake, that he chooses to ignore it. Save you from having to re-delete him. Thanks for blogging for me, ps.

  3. Beeeeeen there. Done that. Please tell me it's someone I know.

  4. Why can't a girl stalk in peace?