Monday, January 21, 2008

A few randoms thoughts:

  1. The snow has got to stop, it's getting out of hand. Please don't tell me "welcome to Utah" because A. I'm from Colorado and I know what snow is, and B. I've lived in Utah for five years now and it's never been this bad.
  2. I want to be a Virginia Opossum. Their gestation period is 12-13 days. Not that I'm gestating but I might some day and 12 days sounds about the length of time I could be patient with that whole situation.
  3. I had a fabulous coconut shrimp salad with a mango dressing, black beans and jicama for lunch and it has been the one redeeming thing on this wretched winter day. That and my pal Marie who paid for it because I apparently left my wallet at home. (See what I mean about today?)
  4. Last night I HAD to buy a few new songs on iTunes because I noticed my total songs was at 666. (I haven't recovered all my music from my old hard drive yet.)


  1. A 12-13 day gestation sounds really nice to me right now...I'll finally be half-way through in a little less than 3 weeks - yay!
    Only 5 more months/153 more days to go - approximately 12 times that of a Virginia Opposum.)

  2. i'm with ya about the weather. i diagnosed myself with SAD (seasonal affective disorder and how ironic is that acronym). and i love eric hutchinson!! thanks for the CD.

  3. The coconut shrimp salad was pretty much the highlight of my Monday, too. Well, that, and eating lunch with you. Hooray!
    Boo to the snow. Let it all come down in the mountains. Snow away...just leave my car, driveway and city streets alone already!