Sunday, January 20, 2008

If you've got an impulse let it out

Weekend recap. Before Tuesday this time. Go me.

Last week seemed to take absolutely forever. I ended up sleeping in on Friday and I had some errands to run before work so I was two hours late. Oops. My friend Melissa and I had plans for Friday night to go see an improv comedy show called The Thrillionaires. Because I am a model procrastinator I hadn't picked up the tickets yet but that was on my list of errands before I went to work. So, as I'm driving I'm was listening to the radio and they are giving away tickets to the show plus tickets to tickets to U2 in 3D (which I wasn't interested in but thought I might check it out online and possibly become interested in). So I called in and after what seemed like an inordinate amount of rings I won! Hooray! They took my info and told me to check the website to get directions to the office. When I got to work I went to the website and found out that the office was an hour away and closed at 6. I work until 5. And the U2 jazz was on a night I already had plans so I called the radio station and told them to give my tickets to someone else. I love that the one time I win something I don't actually get to use it. I ended up being extra glad to give my tickets up since I ended up working until 8 putting together gift bags for Sundance.

The Thrillionaires show turned out to be really good and I'm glad we went. The first half they perform an improv play from a few suggestions from the audience and then the second half is a musical also with suggestions from the audience. I found out that every show has a different theme and ours was Film Noir. I especially loved the musical which ended up being about a boy who just wants to Etch-a-Sketch. Here's Melissa and I with the evening's special guest performer:

Saturday was, for lack of a better phrase, not what I expected it to be. I had to work to finish the forsaken file folder project but I imagined the whole day going differently. The evil man who had me working on the project was kind enough to send over two temps to help speed things along. The temps could only work between 7 and 3 so to maximize what I could get done I went in at 7. My temps didn't speak English. At least not very well. I found out that at 7AM I don't speak Spanish very well, nor do I give out instructions very well. These file folders all have an individual, 9 digit number associated with them and they needed to be in order but I didn't communicate that well enough to the temps. I found out after they had done about 300 folders that they weren't in order. I showed them how to do more folders in order. We worked with movies in the background until the temps left at 3. I thought I would only be about 3o minutes more but once I tried to re-order the ones they messed up I ended up being at work until 5:30. That meant no nap and no energy to do the things I had planned on working on. I needed new powder for my face so I stopped at Nordstrom/MAC on my way home and decided that I deserved three new eye shadows. And I decided I needed a drink from the cafe. That was where I saw one of the performers from the comedy show and became oddly star struck. Funny moment when I told him I thought the show was great and he asked if I was there. No genius, I just telepathically knew. Here is what 2,700 file folders look like, just in case you were wondering:
Sunday was luxuriously lazy. Sleeping in. Church. Eggs. Football playoffs. (Boo to the Giants) Extreme Home Makeover. Internet. Cake batter. Lovely.


  1. Jodo--what a weekend. oh my gosh i can't believe all the work you had to re-do, i'm so sorry! can't wait to see ya on tuesday with your new shadow on.

  2. aren't you star struck with some other dude? you can't have two celebrity boyfriends!