Friday, February 22, 2008

100 things you may or may not know about me

  1. My name is Jodi. Not Jodie, not Jo-dee and not Jody.
  2. Anne with an E, please.
  3. Before college I had only lived in two houses.
  4. They were both in the same town.
  5. I had braces for four miserable years.
  6. I didn’t wear my retainers.
  7. Now they don’t fit and I need new ones.
  8. I think I know all the words to every John Mayer song. I’m pretty sure about that one.
  9. I took voice lessons when I was in high school and I think I was pretty decent.
  10. I still don’t think I could sing a solo in front of anyone.
  11. In middle school I wanted a pager so bad.
  12. I would sometimes convince my mom to let me wear hers and I felt pretty cool.
  13. I bought a guitar with money from my high school graduation and I still can’t play it.
  14. I absolutely love s’mores and I keep my weenie roaster/marshmallow toaster sticks in my trunk at all times. You never know when you will find yourself up the canyon and in need of a good stick.
  15. My very first concert was NSYNC.
  16. My favorite concert ever was John Mayer.
  17. I have three actual birthmarks (aka not moles).
  18. When I was young I wanted braces and glasses because I thought that would be cool.
  19. When I got both I realized I was very wrong.
  20. The only thing I did really wrong on my driving test was come close to hitting a pedestrian.
  21. She walked out into the street and was not in the crosswalk.
  22. I have become addicted to MAC cosmetics.
  23. I feel naked without mascara.
  24. I think my mom is the strongest woman I know.
  25. Sometimes I feel like I will never be able to measure up to her.
  26. I am a cheese connoisseur.
  27. Happy cows are not from California, they are from Wisconsin.
  28. That last one really wasn’t about me.
  29. My hair is now naturally curly (it wasn’t until about, oh, puberty age).
  30. I still haven’t quite mastered how to style it.
  31. My favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid.
  32. I of course know all the lyrics.
  33. I love to travel but haven’t been able to go too far yet.
  34. I went out of the country for the first time last summer.
  35. I love Costa Rica.
  36. My passport is now one of my most prized possessions.
  37. The number one place to go on my travel list is New Zealand.
  38. I’m also dying to go to Europe.
  39. I carry my camera with me every day.
  40. I try to take at least one photo a day.
  41. I really would like to have a “real” camera and know things about photography.
  42. I seriously love people.
  43. I make new “friends” everywhere I go.
  44. My mom is a nurse of the emergency variety.
  45. My dad taught physics and advanced Spanish in a high school.
  46. I think my future profession is the perfect combination of both of those: teaching and healing.
  47. I’m going to be a Recreational Therapist.
  48. I’m massively excited.
  49. I’m also scared to death.
  50. I’ve had some really random jobs.
  51. I’ve worked in a banquet hall at a monastery.
  52. I worked at a rafting company.
  53. I’ve scrapbooked for money.
  54. I’ve stripped wallpaper. I’ve cleaned offices. I’ve worked at a drycleaner. I’ve worked at a mom and pop burger place. I’ve done medical coding and billing.
  55. I’m currently working as a receptionist/PR worker with a somewhat undefined job description.
  56. My current job involves reading fashion and beauty magazines and I’m not angry about that.
  57. I’ve got big plans for when I have lots of money someday.
  58. I’ll probably never have lots of money.
  59. I think I’ve seen Anchorman more than any other movie.
  60. I once had a texting war using Anchorman quotes and we had more than 80.
  61. I think chai tea, avocados, shrimp, cheese, sweet potatoes, olives and cream cheese wontons are all imported directly from heaven.
  62. I spend more time reading blogs than I care to admit.
  63. Your secrets are safe with me, it’s my own secrets that I can’t seem to keep.
  64. College has taught me to push myself in experiencing new things. New food, new people, new experiences.
  65. I went longboarding (skateboarding) for the first time on a Tuesday and bought my own board the next Friday.
  66. I hadn’t been on a non-level surface yet.
  67. Friday night I went down the canyon in the dark without a flashlight. I tore up my knee and almost got in a fight but I was hooked.
  68. I later broke part of my hand.
  69. I thought longboarding skills would easily translate into other board sports like surfing and snowboarding.
  70. Not true. At least not without a whole lot of practice.
  71. I learned how to Polynesian dance and danced in my school’s Lu’au.
  72. I love playing games. Board games, card games, strategy games, you can count me in for all of them.
  73. Sometimes I get a little too competitive while playing.
  74. I am a night owl but I also hate sleeping past 10 AM.
  75. I love to read. In the past I’ve mostly read fiction but in the last few years I’ve been reading more and more non-fiction.
  76. One day I will own a small bakery/cafĂ©. I’ve got most of it planned out in my mind.
  77. I wonder if my face will ever stop breaking out.
  78. I never had a Nintendo or any other video game console growing up.
  79. I attribute my lack of coordination to this.
  80. I just thought about, and got excited for, kite flying season.
  81. I’m just going to come out and say it: my butt is really firm. You may see it in a picture (or in person I suppose) and note that it is large but you should also know that it is super firm.
  82. This has earned me/it the nicknames of The Rock and Horse Butt.
  83. I’m an only child, a middle child or the oldest child depending on how you define my family.
  84. On one side of my family I have zero cousins and on the other side I have over 45. On the third and additional side I have 8 cousins.
  85. I would say that my little sister is probably my favorite person.
  86. She is often mistaken for my child.
  87. I was not pregnant at 12 thank you very much.
  88. I was about 14 years early on the whole “going green” thing. I used to tell my mom I was going to save the planet and I forced her to recycle.
  89. I love to drive, not because I don’t trust your driving abilities but because I really do enjoy it.
  90. I was an almost straight A student in high school but college has been quite a different story and I’m more than okay with that.
  91. I want to find someone fun to play tennis with when it gets warmer.
  92. When I was in my super high “push myself to try new things” phase last year I took a winter camping class.
  93. I built and (kind-of) slept in a snow cave.
  94. I almost didn’t go because it scared me to death.
  95. People who wear socks with sandals BUG me. If it is that cold you should wear closed toe shoes.
  96. If I could come up with a good reason to shave my head I totally would.
  97. My two favorite pairs of shoes are my red stilettos and my Chaco sandals. Quite the extremes.
  98. I’ve had some pretty unique roommates but one of my favorites was the 51 year old catholic Korean professor. She was awesome and Heather and I taught her to break dance.
  99. Maybe the least favorite roommate was my roommate freshman year. She was the smelly girl and I hated being in my dorm room.
  100. This list was difficult to write at first but now I feel like I’ve left so much off.


  1. I love this! Especially the horse butt comment. It really is firm.

  2. i am hurt that canada is not on the list. :( also, i think you should do this again. i enjoyed it.

  3. oh i love it! i should put mine on my blog. i think it's #29-32 that i'm the EXACT same. plus our jobs. plus random roommates. fun list!

  4. Hey I know I don't know you that well but I'll play tennis with you this summer! I'm moving to Utah so seriously we should!

  5. Four straight days of no Jodi was seriously not cool...but then I read this, and life is good again. You're a gem!

  6. I compltely understand # 83, but not quite sure how # 84 works. And I definitely did not see where you were madly in love with Bubba Garner anywhere on that list so let me add it.
    101. I'm madly in love with Bubba Garner