Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I Went to Winger's in Provo for dinner on Friday night and our waitress was pretty pathetic.
When she brought my check it said 11.48.
I slid my shiny debit card in and when she brought the check back the new total was 20.19.
To get this corrected I had to find the hostess so she could find the waitress.
The waitress told me she pushed the wrong button.
Gee thanks!
The new check said the correct ammount so I signed on the dotted line and left.
Later that evening I decided to check my account online.
I was charged the 20.19 not once.
Not twice.
But three times.
Plus the original 11.48.
My meal was nowhere near the quality I would expect for an over 70 dollar meal.
It's now Tuesday evening and the charges are still on my account.

At least I ended up with some stellar photos of my friends.


  1. i hope you raised a little hell! get a free meal out of it!

  2. oh my gosh! they cannot just do that!! what if your checking out did not HAVE that much money--which mine would probably not--then what happens? Winger's, NOT COOL

  3. Thanks for introducing yourself :) I love getting to know my readers and finding new blogs to read. So you know Ash Cooper??

    Has the debit card fiasco gotten corrected? I hope so!