Monday, February 11, 2008

Saturday Adventure

Why are there no songs about Saturday? There's songs about Monday. There's songs about Friday. Hmm.

Saturday I called up the trusty Hilary (sorry for waking you up friend!) and asked her to accompany me on an adventure. We traveled a few miles up the freeway and ate some lunch at Cafe Trang which serves some pretty delicious Asian food. ("Asian food" because they had Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese on the menu, not because I didn't know.)

We then headed across the street to Cactus and Tropicals. Holy cow. There were so many beautiful plants I think we spent close to three hours there. We also found a new boyfriend, Shane, who was not afraid to get dirty. I made a succulent garden and found an awesome bonsai tree along with a few other random things. Hil looted the store and ended up with a cactus garden and a succulent garden and some other things. Seriously good times.

Then we hit up Ikea, which was a disappointment in the frame department, and Home Depot. Hilary bought a tree at Home Depot and it was an interesting challenge to get it into my car that happens not to be tree height.

Wow, another not so interesting post. Go me! Seriously though, Cactus and Tropicals is where its at. Word is their Salt Lake store is even better so we'll be heading up there soon for more adventures in dirt and leaves.


  1. Wow! Looks fun! I have been craving asian food...maybe i will check it out! Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. you and your plants. so fun! i didn't know that place existed.

  3. There is to a Saturday song. Saturday is a special day its the day we get ready for Sunday. You obviously did not comb over your repertoire of days of the week songs very well.