Friday, February 8, 2008

  1. Due to several requests we're all moving to Costa Rica! Pack your bags, all you really need is a swimming suit, flip flops and sunscreen.
  2. There is a move being shot in the Provo Towne Center Mall. They've transformed a boring end of the mall into a move set and it looks pretty cool. And by "it looks pretty cool" I mean it doesn't look like it usually does and there's moving making stuff all over. The creepy security guard I talked to (who got a little too much in my grill) told me the movie is called "The American Mall." I hope that's just the working title and they come up with something better but Security Man also told me there are no big name actors and the plot is somewhat like High School Musical, only it's in a mall. So my hopes for a better title aren't looking so good. (I wasn't supposed to be taking picture so excuse the poor quality.)

  3. Yesterday we saw blue skies. For about five minutes. Then the clouds rolled in and it snowed some more.

  4. This isn't a very exciting list.
  5. This probably won't make any sense to you but I get my hours at work! I've been basically doing two people's jobs and recently they told me they only had 25 hours a week in the budget for me. That's some math that doesn't add up. But I've learned that the powers that be have approved my hours.
  6. Friend Heather got her internship! Woo hoo!
  7. Friend Heather's internship is in Texas. Boo hoo!
  8. Tomorrow I might post about which of my limbs is in a cast because tonight I'm going ice skating. Cross your fingers for the left hand instead of the right!

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  1. wow I made numbers 7 and 8?? It is kinda sad to think about leaving everyone! Please come visit me out there, I only hear good things about it. And I'm SO glad your work hours worked out, I know that's been really stressful for you.