Wednesday, February 6, 2008

That's why they're called business socks...

  1. I love my major (Recreation Management/Therapeutic Recreation). I have a class on Tuesdays from 12-2:30. Yesterday we spent the whole class playing games and we'll be doing the same next Tuesday. Don't be fooled, we're still learning very valuable things which just reaffirms the whole reason I picked this major: You can have fun and learn at the same time.
  2. If you've ever driven in a car with me for an extended period of time you know that I sometimes experience a healthy amount of road rage. What you probably don't know is that parking lots, specifically the ones on campus, are way worse. There is only one parking lot that is anywhere near where all my classes are and it is always full. There have been times I've spent close to 30 minutes trying to park and when there's snow it's ten times worse. When there is a season's worth of snow piled in the rows it becomes just plain stupid.
  3. Not to get super political but if "Decision '08" comes down to a decision between Hilary and McCain I will be making every effort to move to Costa Rica. You are welcome to come with me. I know some good places to surf and I've got some friends at this sweet little restaurant, La Botana. If you don't feel like moving you are welcome to come and visit at any time. Here's some visual aids to help convince you to come with me. Yes, you can click on them to view them larger.
  4. After looking through those pictures I feel like crying. Will it ever stop snowing in Utah? This morning when I woke up I was so happy to see that there was no new snow on my car but by the time I left there was at least half an inch. Here's a picture I took last night at a stop light to show how completely covered in snow the mountains are. (I realize this is a terrible picture but I think it still proves my point.)
  5. I've seen this so many times but it never gets old:
  6. Well, class is just about over. I'm headed to work where I plan on eating a breakfast BLT with pesto mayo. Mmm.


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. That has got to be one of the funniest songs I have ever heard. Why have I not heard it before now??

  2. can we move to costa rica even if we LIKE who wins the elections? I need to see what I missed out on last summer!!

  3. i always enjoy that video too. and if you go to costa rica can i come?