Monday, February 4, 2008

I love these guys...

I mentioned a few days ago that our beloved prophet, Gordon B. Hinkcley had passed away. Today his successor and counselors were announced. I was sitting in my classroom waiting for class to start when the professor came in, kind of frantic, and was trying to get online to show us the press report as it happened. The only problem for me is I didn't know what he was trying to show us. The last time a teacher ran in and frantically made me watch the news, I was in high school and it was 9/11. Luckily this time it was much better news. Pictured from left to right are President Eyring, President Monson, and President Uchtdorf.

They are all incredible men and I look forward to seeing them lead my church in the future. After the announcement was made they took questions. There were many thoughtful and important questions asked but this was my favorite:

"President Monson, according to my sources you have a certain affection for the following things: certain birds, burnt almond fudge ice cream, telling stories and the color yellow. Could you comment on any or all of those?"

"I'll start with yellow..." and then "... as far as ice cream's concerned, I like just about any kind of ice cream."

Maybe in print it isn't quite the same but I found it really funny at the time.

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  1. Oh i know...i love them too! Uckdorff is such a great man and I was so excited to hear about him being in the presidency!