Thursday, January 31, 2008

Master Chef

How excited was I when they announced at work that Sandy (the lady who sometimes does catering for the executives) would be having a cooking class? Pretty excited. Luckily I wasn't the only one who was excited, Marie and Hilary signed up too. So after work we learned to make Beef Wellington with roasted asparagus, spinach salad and chocolate strawberry ice cream sandwiches. Delicious! Maybe my favorite part of the whole thing though was the group that showed up to take the class. There were 9 ladies and 1 man total. All of the ladies are simply delightful and the man is super quirky/nerdy and it was a fun group to hang out with.

We packaged our food to go but I think almost everyone stayed and ate it because it looked too good. And it was. Here's Marie and Hilary enjoying their food.

And I was there too!

So, If you're looking for a good meal just give me a call. I'm a pro now.

And if you know me at all, you know I love a good "that's what she said" statement so a highlight of the night was when one lady said to the one guy at the class "that's a nice package of meat you have there." I'm not making this up people.


  1. When can we schedule a meal with the new master chef? Sometime next week maybe? It's only a 7 hour drive out, and we'd be sure you had a warm place to sleep for the night.

  2. I found the Star Wars video you were talking about. I that wrong?

  3. Soooo.... we're pretty much twins. Still. Love how we both chose the same template for our blogs. :) Hey, thanks for visiting mine. I've bookmarked yours and look forward to reading it all! We totally do need to catch up. I was thinking about you yesterday and how the most we've done in the last year is poked each other. ;) When will you be out this way?

    Miss you,
    Tater. Your twin.

  4. FUN!!!! oh my gosh i need to learn how to cook so bad. i presume you will be using some of these desserts in your future bakery??