Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hooray for Heather!

Alright, so get this. Some of you know my friend Heather. Here's why I think you should celebrate a little bit of Heather today. Yesterday she graduated from college. About a week ago she got her first real person adult job as the recreation therapy director at a brand new nursing home in Texas. Heather doesn't need to spend a few years learning under someone else, she's ready to direct the whole stinking operation. One more reason to celebrate Heather? Monday is her birthday.
Heather is a great friend and I'm so thankful that she was the first person I met when I came to college. We've been friends for more than 5 years now and I just love her guts. She's almost always up for a late night pool session followed by a Taco Bell run that you'll regret later, she appreciates great humor ("I'm no orthopedic surgeon... but this guy is!"), she's always willing to listen and she knows the value of a good drive around town.
Happy Birthday/Congrats on graduating/Yay for your job Feath! You're the best B and I love you!


  1. one of my first summer jobs was being the recreation coordinator for a group of seniors buildings - i LOVED it!

  2. look at all those lovely pictures! you are so nice--an entire post! I feel so loved. I'm so lucky to have met you 5 years ago. Wait... i think we are up to 6. oh my!

  3. I am way bumbed now, I had my fingers crossed that Heather would come back here. But congratulations Heather I hope you love Texas! And happy birthday a long time ago. I should probably go and put this on your blog now.