Saturday, December 6, 2008

But you could distinguish Mayer from Petty...

Ah. Right this very moment I'm sitting in my room, thinking about cleaning it, but not really wanting to move. The original plan was to watch "Elf" and clean but I got home and Mr. John Mayer is streaming his charity concert tonight from his website. I can't move! I'm convinced that if I'm cleaning I won't be getting the full effect of this concert. It's almost like being there live. Almost. He just played "Comfortable" which is one of my favorites and I've never heard it live. He also played "Little Red Corvette" all slow and acousticy. I also love being reminded how funny he is.

Is it odd that sitting here listening is a little bittersweet? It reminds me of the last John Mayer concert I went to. And how great that night was. I would give many dollars to go back to that night. To rewind and probably (coughforsurecough) change a few things between that day and today. But I can't and hopefully I've learned a few things.

Oh wow, he just sang a little piece of "I Heard it Through the Grapevine".

Ah, I wish I was sharing this with someone.


  1. My heart is a little broken right now :( tear, I am so glad you tried to share it with me, I wish I could have joined in on the wonderfulness. Do you know if it is available to watch not live?

  2. Oh, Jodi. To hear you talk about Mayer is to hear a cop speak of his relationship to a cream filled pasty puff-it's simply sinful. I mean, "he played it slow..." you can cut the sexual tension with a knife! You make me smile, and I hope your date with John was worth keeping your floor cluttered for a few more days. Cuz you know if you didn't clean it then, it'll be a while.

  3. AWWWW John Mayer is seriously one of the hottest men. Some people do not understand it. I love when he just rambles on and on and makes like, no sense. Oh John.....