Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dear Heather Nicole,

You do look cute with short hair! Here's some evidence circa 2003:

I can't wait to see the new short hair when I come visit. Which will be when I get a job. Which may not be for a very long time. Anyway... If that didn't convince you Feath, maybe this picture will at least cheer you up:

Love, Jodo


  1. hahaha, that picture is supposed to make me feel...better? lol. but the SECOND one does! HAHAHA! i love that you took that!! Remember how often we would find that happening...oh wow.

  2. Jodi,
    It's Heather, from MLA. I love the comment that you put on Ash's blog. And I watched the clip on youtube. Lovely.

    Let's comment on each other's blogs. Peace out.

  3. Seriously just laughed out loud....oh how I miss you both.