Friday, April 24, 2009

How you KNOW you are at BYU graduation...

Exhibit A:

This girl, slightly in front of me, spent the entire ceremony looking at a magazine of wedding cakes and cuddling with a man I can only assume is her fiancee.

Exhibit B:

This lovely couple slightly behind me brought their baby. They had him all dressed up in tiny dress pants with a vest and tie. Which was cute until he started crying.

Only at BYU.


  1. Wedding cakes? Can you be more obvious? I mean, gees! Honestly, I love wedding cakes, but as a taster of many of said cakes, I would much prefer a tastier one than one with weird shapes and flowers that tastes frozen. YUCK! Plus, be original girl, don't use someone else's idea.

  2. wow...planning a wedding and babysitting while graduating, these people sure know how to multitask!